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Metrics that Matter: How to apply PFF stats to fantasy

PFF's Signature Stats are fantastic, but until your fantasy football league starts tracking yards per route run and elusive rating as point statistics, the utility for fantasy players might not always be obvious.

That ends now, with Scott Barrett's Metrics that Matter series. All offseason long, Scott's series has broken down some of the top players, situations, and positions by the deeper PFF numbers and explained what they mean for fantasy. The comprehensive series has visited every team, every position, and every number possible all summer long, and it's all here for you to read, learn, and bookmark.

Below are all the pieces from the series this offseason. Bookmark it as more are added, and learn how PFF's stats can help you win your fantasy league.

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Feb. 5: Explaining DeVante Parker's disappointing season
Feb. 7: How best to deploy your running QB
Feb. 10: Where did Drew Brees' fantasy production go?
Feb. 12: Record-setting efficiency from Alvin Kamara
Feb. 14: Small-sample dominance from Deshaun Watson
Feb. 17: The two Ben Roethlisbergers
Feb. 19: Underrating JuJu Smith-Schuster already
Feb. 21: Dominant WR duo in Minnesota
Feb. 24: How good is Marcus Peters really?
Feb. 26: The QB sneak vs. the RB run with 1 yard to go
Feb. 28: The league's best deep-ball receivers
March 3: Kenyan Drake, yards after contact monster
March 5: Different looks at defensive pass interference
March 7: Jared Goff's line-aided fantasy improvements
March 10: Lamar Jackson's built-in fantasy advantage
March 12: Julio Jones' sinking 2018 ADP
March 14: How do free agents fare after switching teams?
March 17: 7 stats inspired by the free-agency flurry
March 19: Does a tight end's pass-blocking impact his fantasy ceiling?
March 21: Does a running back's pass-blocking impact his fantasy ceiling?
March 24: Passing differences when pressured
March 26: Quarterbacks on play-action
March 28: Which corners shadow most effectively?
March 31: The aging curves by position
April 2: The league's best deep-all QBs
April 4: Does a pass-catcher's drop rate matter?
April 7: The best and worst receivers by WR Rating
April 9: WR Rating based on who's throwing the ball
April 11: Travis Kelce, elite yard-creator
April 14: Is Golden Tate among the league's elite WRs?
April 16: The league's top receiving backs
April 18: Fantasy points per dropback
April 21: The unpredictability of kickers
May 14: Drafting a team defense
May 16: The high-risk, high-reward Jordan Reed
May 21: Kareem Hunt's dominant rookie season
May 23: Touchdown efficiency around the league
May 26: Gurley or Bell at first overall?
May 28: The most successful QB/receiver combos
May 30: Quarterbacks' target tendencies
June 2: Players most dependent on gamescript
June 4: Vegas win totals and how that impacts gamescript
June 9: The league's every-down RBs
June 11: The league's best at getting a first down
June 13: Ezekiel Elliott's target load, or lack thereof
June 16: Adjusted quarterback rating and the fantasy fallout
June 18: Drafting RB1s vs. WR1s
June 20: Fantasy fun with routes run
June 23: The value of a carry, the value of a target
June 25: Breaking down passer rating by position target
June 27: The Kansas City offense
June 30: 2017's least consistent fantasy scorers
July 2: Consistency in fantasy usage
July 4: Yards per route run
July 11: Doug Baldwin's ridiculous efficiency
July 14: Dak Prescott's 2018 stock
July 16: Fantasy fun with PFF grades — QB
July 18: Fantasy fun with PFF grades — RB
July 21: Albert Wilson, fantasy lottery ticket
July 23: Fantasy fun with PFF grades — WR
July 25: Fantasy fun with PFF grades — TE
July 28: Fantasy fallout of cornerback splits

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