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PFF Special Offers

PFF offers special partnerships, promos, and coupon codes during select times throughout the year. This page includes our current offers.

PFF Offers and Promo Codes

PFF offers seasonal partner discounts and one-time coupons towards memberships or upgrades. See the links below for our current offers for PFF EDGE and PFF ELITE:

pff edge and elite promo codes

20% off PFF EDGE and PFF ELITE ANNUAL subscriptions with code PFF2020.
Save 20% on PFF EDGE & ELITE ANNUAL subscriptions when you use promo code PFF2020 at checkout. Expires after 9/7/2020.

Military and Student Discount through ID.me
Save 50% on PFF EDGE & ELITE annual subscriptions through ID.me verification in checkout. Military or student status must be confirmed via ID.me during checkout process.

pff free edge with deposit

PARTNER OFFERS: Note that our partner offers include affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases or registrations made through these links.

New FanDuel users get a free PFF EDGE subscription when they deposit and play through a $10 deposit. Offer available only through this link.
– Get 30 days access to PFF EDGE immediately after deposit.
– Get an additional 11 months of PFF EDGE after playing a paid contest.
– Only NEW FanDuel users are eligible for the offer — users may only establish one account on FanDuel.

To redeem coupons on pff.com, enter your promo code in the field at checkout.


All promotions are void where prohibited. Purchase total must be equal to or greater than the promo code value. When you cancel/refund item, you forgo the savings allocated to that item. Coupons and promos have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. Please refer to the specific promotion details for code redemption dates and expiration.