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Week 8 fantasy football cheat sheet

(Each week, the PFF Fantasy cheat sheet will have all the relevant fantasy football content for the week in one place for you to keep track and review as needed as you prepare for that week in fantasy.)

Fantasy football and poker aren’t the same sort of game, but there is a lot of overlap in numbers, analysis, educated approach. And one I hadn’t thought about much before last week: Tilt.

As most everyone knows, Week 7 was crazy. Kenny Golladay had a virtual no-show, as did almost the entire Falcons roster. The Rams put up 37 points and got little fantasy value out of any of their three big-name receivers. Evan Engram defied the TE cheat code against Arizona, San Francisco and Washington combined for 9 points, Tyler Boyd didn’t offer anything. And most famously, the David Johnson/Chase Edmonds situation — I’m not going to go all Matthew Berry, but rest assured Edmonds’ big game was one of the most frustrating occurrences in fantasy in a while.

My typical Sunday DFS approach is to play the all-day and early-slate DFS slates, and then build my afternoon lineups in the second half of the early games. Sunday? I abandoned DFS altogether for the late afternoon. I had been burned so much and in so many different ways early Sunday that I didn’t trust myself to play the afternoon rationally.

In poker, “tilt” is when you suffer a bad beat or a bad loss and follow that up with reckless, emotional decisions that spiral until you lose it all. I could feel the tilt Sunday.

Knowing when not to play can be as important as knowing when to play. Monitor yourself and don’t make emotional decisions.

On to the Week 8 advice.

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