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Week 4 fantasy football cheat sheet

(Each week, the PFF Fantasy cheat sheet will have all the relevant fantasy football content for the week in one place for you to keep track and review as needed as you prepare for that week in fantasy.)

I made fun of a guy in my league on Twitter Wednesday morning. I had put in a bid for Wayne Gallman, at least for now the Giants starting running back, at $20 of my $100 FAAB budget. I felt like it was a little high, but I hadn’t spent any FAAB yet, and I needed a little running back depth, so why not. I thought $20 might get it done.

My friend bid $61. Clearly, I didn’t get Gallman. I thought that was crazy high, so I made a little joke about it on Twitter (my friend doesn’t use Twitter, so it was just a general thing). And someone pointed out to me that Gallman had gone for 90% of someone’s budget in another league, because they were 0-3 and had lost Barkley, and what else are they gonna do?

And really, that’s a good point. Different fantasy players have different needs and have no choice but to value different options differently. I have David Johnson and Christian McCaffrey (I’m a good trader), plus Frank Gore, Tevin Coleman, and Darrel Williams on my bench, and Chase Edmonds as a handcuff to boot. My friend has Marlon Mack, but also the disappointing David Montgomery. He’s 1-2, and his best shot at making a run is reinforcing his backfield, and there aren’t many ways to do that; if Gallman can be RB2-level productive, then no amount of FAAB is necessarily too much, just like there’s no pick too high to spend on a quarterback in the NFL draft if you spend it on the right quarterback.

Advice is almost never one-size-fits-all, because one size almost never fits all. I can tell you what to bid on Gallman in most situations, or what trade to make in a vacuum, but you know your situation and your league better than I ever will. I wouldn’t bit $61 for Wayne Gallman. Greg did. I can’t actually say Greg is wrong.

On to the Week 4 advice.

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