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Week 13 fantasy football cheat sheet

(Each week, the PFF Fantasy cheat sheet will have all the relevant fantasy football content for the week in one place for you to keep track and review as needed as you prepare for that week in fantasy.)

A huge chunk of fantasy players are eliminated now, so it’s that time of year to roll out the “what to do when you’re knocked out of contention” advice.

Before we get going, let’s be clear that this is geared toward leagues where once you’re eliminated, you have nothing to play for. No last-place punishment, no draft slot for next year. Nothing. If you have something at stake, then you are free to play out the calendar just like you would normally.

But if you are in a league where being eliminated means you might still have consolation matchups or run-out-the-string games, but nothing is at stake, presents an interesting conundrum. We play fantasy to, you know, play fantasy. Yes, the prize at the end of the season is the primary goal, but we play because we like the game. So I’m of the opinion that someone who is knocked out of contention should still be playing to win.

That said, you don’t actually matter. For that reason, I think teams that are eliminated have to avoid the waiver wire. Priority player claims go to teams still contending for the title. So what does this mean for the eliminated team? If your waivers run Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, you are hands off until Wednesday afternoon (or some time generally after waivers run). After that, go nuts. Need a replacement defense or running back or what-have-you? You don’t get to take the top option, but you are still there to set a lineup, and that means once the contenders have their pick of the litter, you’re free to dive into the scraps.

That’s my approach. It’s not everybody’s. But I think you play this game to play the game, and if so, you are allowed to play it as long as your host site gives you a game.

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On to the Week 13 advice.

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