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The New York Giants need to start game planning around a bad offensive line

After three weeks of the NFL season and almost 10 quarters of extremely troublesome offensive play, it looks like everything is wrong with the New York Giants offense. 

by Nick Akridge 2 days ago New York Giants

Vikings' inability to protect QB Kirk Cousins could derail NFC North hopes

It’s time to give Kirk Cousins some credit and less blame. He’s been able to consistently perform as an upper-echelon quarterback over the last couple of seasons despite getting pummeled every single week.

by Nick Akridge 8 days ago Minnesota Vikings

Patrick Mahomes and the art of avoiding sacks

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a master at releasing the ball at the last second yet still avoiding sacks.

by Nick Akridge 12 days ago

Breaking down Commanders QB Sam Howell's impressive preseason

New Washington Commanders starting quarterback Sam Howell put together a promising 2023 preseason, albeit with room for improvement.

by Nick Akridge 19 days ago

Why Kamren Curl is the Washington Commanders' most important defensive player

The seventh-round draft pick in 2020 is now one of the NFL's best safeties, leading a formidable Washington defense.

by Nick Akridge 1 month ago

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is primed for an even bigger 2023 season

Trevor Lawrence is primed to shine in 2023 after ending the 2022 campaign on a tear.

by Nick Akridge 1 month ago

Steelers QB Kenny Pickett flashed promise in his rookie season, but there's still room to grow

If Pickett and the Steelers offense want to make the jump, it will come down to him playing with more anticipation in the pocket. He clearly has a good rapport with his receivers, and now it’s about trusting that offensive line to give him the time he needs to make throws on schedule.

by Nick Akridge 2 months ago Pittsburgh Steelers

Desmond Ridder's 2022 Season: The good, the bad, and the Atlanta Falcons' outlook for 2023

With so much change at the quarterback position this year, it's easy to forget about the players who will be hoping to build on their performances last year with the same team. And one of the most intriguing quarterbacks in that category is the Atlanta Falcons' second-year man, Desmond Ridder.

by Nick Akridge 3 months ago

The Washington Commanders’ outlook with Sam Howell at QB

While the odds aren't great for a Day 3 quarterback to become a high-end starter, Sam Howell is in a unique situation to become something special for the Washington Commanders.

by Nick Akridge 3 months ago

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