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NFL Week 1 live reactions and analysis: Baker Mayfield struggles, Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams start the revenge tour

It was a long offseason, but the 2020 NFL season was finally able to get underway with the Kansas City Chiefs‘ opening-night victory against the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football.

After that first taste of NFL action, PFF's team of analysts couldn't wait for Sunday's slate of games to start. And between the AFC North matchup between the Ravens and Browns, the annual Mitchell Trubisky breakout game against the Lions and the old-guard clash between Tom Brady and Drew Brees, our guys had plenty of takeaways to share.

Here's how things went down at PFF HQ on the first Sunday of NFL action.

Eric Eager 12:47 PM
I still can't really believe it's here. Let's have a day, fellas

Ian Hartitz 12:47 PM

Austin Gayle 12:47 PM

Timo Riske 1:00 PM
Let's rock

Sam Monson 1:03 PM
The first OCTOBOX of the season is up! I am very happy

Timo Riske 1:04 PM
Bills – Jets starts a little bit as expected. With a penalty on the kickoff return

Ian Hartitz 1:06 PM
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but Todd Gurley looks absolutely spectacular

Austin Gayle 1:06 PM
Philip Rivers’ sidearm giving me life this morning.

Kevin Cole 1:06 PM
Looks good in Colts' blue

Timo Riske 1:06 PM
Rivers already had more time in the pocket than all of last season on this first drive

George 1:07 PM
Baker is already awful

Kevin Cole 1:07 PM
Hines the second back in for the Colts, I think

Austin Gayle 1:07 PM
Dude, Baker stared that dude down. Calais with the near INT and Marlon with the PLAY.

George 1:07 PM
Looked at that WR like Kitchens looks at a Denny's grand slam

Timo Riske 1:07 PM
The first Josh Allen throw of the season is accurate. For 0 air yards.

Kevin Cole 1:07 PM
Hines gets the red zone work and TD

Timo Riske 1:09 PM
A lot was talked about Stefon Diggs helping Allen deep down the field, but he ran two consecutive short hitches on the first drive and Allen is able to connect on both and moves the sticks

Mike Renner 1:09 PM
Timo doing color commentary

Sam Monson 1:09 PM
To Mayfield's credit, Calais Campbell dropping into coverage falls under the category of things I did not expect to see in the throwing lane

Seth Galina 1:10 PM
Baker has already had two passes tipped around the line of scrimmage

Mike Renner 1:10 PM
The haters were right. Too short.

Ben Brown 1:10 PM
Jamaal Williams red-zone work for the Packers

Austin Gayle 1:10 PM
Eric Kendricks is awesome. That tackle on Williams was fire. RANGE ROVER.

Kevin Cole 1:11 PM
Cam running for the first on second-and-3. A good sign for usage

Sam Monson 1:11 PM
Running up the gut, too!

Ian Hartitz 1:11 PM
Early designed screen for Devin Duvernay. Interesting…

Ben Brown 1:12 PM
Rodgers targeted running backs on five throws that drive

George 1:12 PM

Austin Gayle 1:12 PM
Josh Allen is leaning on the pitch still, I guess.

Timo Riske 1:12 PM
Josh Allen with three keepers in a row and fumbles on the third

Eric Eager 1:13 PM
Wait so running him like he's actually a running back?

Kevin Cole 1:13 PM
Rodgers with a semi-throwaway on third-and-goal. Where no one can catch it…

Mike Renner 1:13 PM
Elgton shutting down Ngakoue on a third down!

Austin Gayle 1:13 PM
Dude, Lamar making that pitch is absurd.

Seth Galina 1:13 PM
Lamar with a super late pitch…

Austin Gayle 1:13 PM

Austin Gayle 1:13 PM
Mark Ingram was not ready for that.

George 1:13 PM
Josh Allen tries that and it is 6 the other way

Seth Galina 1:14 PM
No-look pitch!!  l've really seen everything now

Austin Gayle 1:14 PM

Kevin Cole 1:15 PM
What a horrible pass though. WIDE OPEN.

Austin Gayle 1:15 PM
Don’t be a hater, Polian.

Sam Monson 1:15 PM
I don't know if that was coming off the referee's mic, but we legit heard the playcall on that play. Wonder how much the defense is hearing

Timo Riske 1:15 PM
This just in: Greg Roman is still good

Eric Eager 1:16 PM
Trubisky still struggling

Mike Renner 1:16 PM
Le'Veon's patience behind a bad OL is…not great

George 1:16 PM
So motivated by Foles on the sideline

Sam Monson 1:18 PM
Uh Oh, Henry Ruggs convincing Carr to throw deep?

Timo Riske 1:19 PM
Matt Nagy going for it on fourth down is something you love to see. Can't say that about Trubisky taking the dropback

Austin Gayle 1:19 PM
How did Ruggs get THAT open?

Sam Monson 1:19 PM
By playing a defense with four rookies that had an install over Zoom calls

Sam Monson 1:20 PM
I honestly can't believe they gave Trubisky the starting job again

George 1:21 PM
Not betting on the Falcons is the most liberating feeling on the planet

Sam Monson 1:21 PM
I was so excited about football generally I didn't even think to place bets this weekend. Need to get my PFF Greenline on.

George 1:22 PM
The Browns are going to make me sweat out my gluttony. Ruggs dominating on crossers. Rinse lather repeat

George 1:24 PM
The Browns' fake punt is a microcosm of their franchise

Ian Hartitz 1:24 PM
And feeding Harrison Bryant over OBJ, Landry, Hunt, Hooper

Seth Galina 1:25 PM
I would love it if people forgot that I picked the Browns to win the division

Andrew Erickson 1:26 PM
Cam Newton and the Patriots running over the Dolphins with RPOs

Timo Riske 1:26 PM
Four drives in and the Jets look bad. Very bad. Not a single first down on offense and they can't stop the Bills on defense. If Josh Allen hadn't fumbled, it might have been already 14-0

Seth Galina 1:26 PM
Ravens doing the toss-power read. Don't remember if they ran it last year, but it's a good play.

Sam Monson 1:28 PM
Cameron Dantzler — a third-round pick — is going 1 on 1 with Davante Adams at the moment. Talk about a baptism by fire.

Timo Riske 1:28 PM
Justin Tucker right through the middle on 41 yards — what else is new?

George 1:28 PM
Reagssssssss. Speed. Matters.

Timo Riske 1:28 PM
I love that Frank Reich is going for it there on fourth-and-1 near the goal line.  Unfortunately they were stopped.

Mike Renner 1:29 PM
Is Josh Allen the best goal-line back in the NFL?

Ben Linsey 1:30 PM
Think Clyde Edwards-Helaire has that locked up

Timo Riske 1:30 PM
Gregg Williams apparently doesn't agree, as no Jets defender considered that he could run the bootleg

Mike Renner 1:31 PM
The Vikings should probably double Davante

Eric Eager 1:31 PM

George 1:31 PM
Chubb stiff arm into the earth mantle

Ian Hartitz 1:32 PM
Reagor 55 yards on third-and-long. I guess the shoulder is okay.

Austin Gayle 1:33 PM
Teddy B is looking good in this offense, tbh.

Kevin Cole 1:34 PM
Some of these Trubisky throws are legit!

Sam Monson 1:34 PM
That was almost a gorgeous Trubisky play. Robbed of it by what I'd suggest was clear DPI in the end zone. The end result deserved better, was a great throw on the move.

Timo Riske 1:35 PM
John Brown draws the DPI on Pierre Desir on the outside. But given where Josh Allen threw that ball, I advocate for not catchable

Mike Renner 1:36 PM
Love this Bills receiving corps. Built for speed and for comfort

Andrew Erickson 1:36 PM
Is Nyheim Hines getting all the red-zone work for the Colts?

Sam Monson 1:36 PM
There's some Stefanski in evidence. A well-designed goal-line play with multiple TEs. Gimmie TD for Mayfield

Andrew Erickson 1:36 PM
And Cam Newton Gronk spike on a QB sneak for a TD

Timo Riske 1:37 PM
The Bills' receiving corps is really good. Would not be surprised if it ends up top-three after the season. Or am I overreacting to playing the Jets defense?

Kevin Cole 1:37 PM
Back-to-back plays near the goal line running from spread out in shotgun and throwing from heavy

Timo Riske 1:38 PM
Someone should tell the Dolphins that Cam likes to run for touchdowns

Ben Brown 1:39 PM
Allen missed Knox bad in the end zone

Austin Gayle 1:40 PM
That Marquise Brown contested catch is HOT.

Timo Riske 1:40 PM
Josh Allen is still an inaccurate quarterback, but he is now the first player to pass and run for a touchdown in the 2020 season

Kevin Cole 1:40 PM
Then Allen got the TD to Moss after holding the ball for 8 seconds

Ian Hartitz 1:40 PM
Absolute dime from Lamar, too

Sam Monson 1:40 PM
Hayden Hurst making the kind of play I'm not sure Austin Hooper is capable of. Honestly think that'll prove to be an upgrade if Hurst stays healthy.

Timo Riske 1:40 PM
Jaguars: We tank for Trevor
Jets: Hold my beer

George 1:40 PM
That's Lamar

Anthony Treash 1:41 PM
Buffalo is a Super Bowl-caliber team with most QBs in the league

George 1:41 PM
He will be erratic to the wide-open TE but then just drop these perfectos

Mike Renner 1:41 PM
Philip Rivers has never seen a shallow crosser he didn't want to throw to

Sam Monson 1:42 PM
There were seasons that felt like half of Keenan Allen's yardage

Timo Riske 1:42 PM
I will give Sam Darnold one more chance before I switch to another game

Timo Riske 1:46 PM
Update: Darnold with an accurate pass beyond the sticks but Crowder dropped it.

Sam Monson 1:46 PM
All the rushing weapons the Ravens have and they're handing the ball off to Patrick Ricard in short-yardage for a….fumble

Austin Gayle 1:46 PM
Dude, C.J. Henderson coming off the outside receiver to take that INT on the out-breaking route from the slot. That was great!

Kevin Cole 1:47 PM
Josh Allen has dropped back to pass or run on 18 of the Bills' 19 plays

Austin Gayle 1:47 PM
Imagine giving Devontae Booker touches on purpose with Josh Jacobs on the roster.

Timo Riske 1:47 PM
Ravens pick up where they left off the last time we saw them: Not converting fourth-and-1

Eric Eager 1:48 PM
Mayfield is just staring people down

Ian Hartitz 1:48 PM
Gurley three straight carries inside the 5. They are feeding this man until the wheels fall off

Sam Monson 1:48 PM
Jason Witten is the GOAT at the 3-yard out

George 1:48 PM
Ian, are you levitating?

Austin Gayle 1:49 PM
The Gardner Minshew pump the flat and bullet to Chark, also hot. Minshew-level bullet, tbf.

Mike Renner 1:49 PM
Pettine flexing with a corner blitz on the goal line

Eric Eager 1:49 PM
Alexander taking that motion by Thielen into a blitz that Kirk (of course) never saw >>>

Timo Riske 1:50 PM
The Jets punted on fourth-and-3 close to midfield while trailing 0-14. They've just surrendered.

Eric Eager 1:51 PM
yeah that game might be over

Anthony Treash 1:52 PM
Trevor Lawrence is already looking like a Jet and it's not even halftime

Seth Galina 1:52 PM
This is entirely speculative, but it feels like Landry and Beckham do not like playing with Baker

Timo Riske 1:53 PM
Russell Wilson tries to cook on third-and-7 and gets sacked after holding the ball forever

Ben Linsey 1:53 PM
Davante Adams is a problem for Minnesota

Austin Gayle 1:54 PM
The 7.5-receptions Davante prop was a value on the site.

Timo Riske 1:54 PM
Josh Allen with the keeper on fourth-and-1 and gets it. The Bills are such a smart team

Ian Hartitz 1:54 PM
Baker seeing ghosts

Timo Riske 1:55 PM
Didn't you pick the Browns to win the division? I made the same mistake, apparently

George 1:59 PM
Can we talk about Trevor Lawrence in the Jets' green for a second?

Austin Gayle 1:59 PM
Nyheim Hines is TIlLTING Mack/Taylor investors.

Andrew Erickson 1:59 PM
Nyheim Hines looking like Austin Ekeler 2.0

Seth Galina 1:59 PM
Let's talk about Dabo Swinney in Jets' green forever

Timo Riske 2:00 PM
The Panthers leading against the Raiders is not something I expected to see today

George 2:00 PM
I repeat: Trevor Lawrence in Jets green. Who is the coach?

Timo Riske 2:00 PM
Not Adam Gase, that's for sure

George 2:01 PM

Kevin Cole 2:01 PM
The Jets' defense might not be good this year

Seth Galina 2:02 PM
The Bills are gonna win. Josh Allen is gonna have three touchdowns and people are gonna be big mad that he only grades out at like 73.2

Ben Linsey 2:03 PM
Dallas Goedert showing that he's TE1 in Philadelphia

Sam Monson 2:04 PM
Or at least why the Eagles are willing to play hardball with Ertz's contract

Timo Riske 2:05 PM
Again, I might be overreacting to the Jets defense, but the Bills offense has been designed perfectly so far. They built an offense that can be successful with Josh Allen, at least against the Jets

Ian Hartitz 2:07 PM
Laviska wildcat!!

Andrew Erickson 2:08 PM
Myles Gaskin most used Dolphins running back

Timo Riske 2:08 PM
I will never be impressed at a QB having 100% completion percentage in the second quarter when he took already three sacks

Sam Monson 2:09 PM
That was a horrendous pick from Darnold. Can't blame that one on mono.

Steve Palazzolo 2:09 PM
Derek Carr, excellent touch passer

Austin Gayle 2:09 PM
Dare I say that was a DIME from Derek Carr?

Timo Riske 2:10 PM
Is it already time for Joe Flacco?

Steve Palazzolo 2:10 PM
Jamal Adams a missile in the secondary for the third-down stop

Sam Monson 2:11 PM
Jimmy Graham's vertical there looked like Steve going up for a dunk. A solid 4 inches of elevation

Ian Hartitz 2:15 PM
David Njoku is the second-best TE in the AFC North. MY COLUMN…

Timo Riske 2:18 PM
The Falcons defense looks much improved after giving up two early touchdowns. Schottenheimer has already used up all his good pass plays in the playbook and is now left with his 1,000 runs

Sam Monson 2:18 PM
OK, they have the simulated crowd noise booing a late-in-the-half, give-up rush attempt before a field goal. That's next-level sound engineering.

George 2:18 PM

Kevin Cole 2:19 PM
A good example of not understanding value is the focus on Russell Wilson's 11-completion streak when he took three sacks

Timo Riske 2:19 PM
Aaron Rodgers just threw a LASER to Adams in the corner of the end zone

Timo Riske 2:21 PM
Colts legend Rodrigo Blankenship nails the field goal to take a halftime lead.

Kevin Cole 2:22 PM
Josh Allen fumble was funny. One play after throwing it right into the hands of a Jets defender…

Ian Hartitz 2:22 PM
Lamar on this two-minute drive has been Bruce Almighty b-e-a-utiful

Andrew Erickson 2:23 PM
Chris Carson two receiving touchdowns…Falcons continue to be unable to stop RBs in the passing game

Ben Linsey 2:25 PM
…Despite having one of the best coverage LBs in the NFL

Ian Hartitz 2:25 PM
Mark Andrews x2. He's good

Ben Brown 2:25 PM
Vikings lock up Dalvin but still have cousins at QB

Steve Palazzolo 2:25 PM
Cousins left it way too far inside on the deep out

Kevin Cole 2:26 PM
I wish we would have clipped my Mark Andrews DFS call, Ian. He could easily be TE1 this year

Timo Riske 2:26 PM
Kirk Cousins has three pass attempts at halftime? What is happening there?

Timo Riske 2:31 PM
Seahawks vs. Falcons set up to be a close game, 14-12 at halftime. Shocking given the Seahawks are involved

Sam Monson 2:31 PM
OK, what if legit Aaron Rodgers is back?

Mike Renner 2:31 PM
who gave me this Bills-Jets game to write about?

Sam Monson 2:31 PM

Mike Renner 2:33 PM
Dantzler's 4.6 is showing up

Austin Gayle 2:33 PM
4.2 on his pro day video…

Sam Monson 2:33 PM
Think he just lost the hand-fight tbh.

Timo Riske 2:33 PM
Is the Cameron Dantzler hype already over? Legit throw by Rodgers, though

Austin Gayle 2:33 PM
^^ I agree. Didn’t get completely burnt.

Mike Renner 2:34 PM
yeah, that was honestly more laziness to not force him to the sideline more. Guessing he didn't think they'd actually go for the home run

Sam Monson 2:36 PM
He was a little unlucky that he got nothing on the ball at the catch point, too. He had an arm in there

Ian Hartitz 2:36 PM
McCaffrey has one target at halftime. Wonder if we won't see that same level of a wild receiving role this season

Timo Riske 2:37 PM
Some halftime stats: The Seahawks have an average depth of target of 4.4 yards, least of all teams so far. Chris Carson leads the team in targets

Andrew Erickson 2:37 PM
Redzone just listed Jamal Adams having eight sacks… He only has one but his impact is being felt

Ian Hartitz 2:37 PM

Timo Riske 2:38 PM
Cam having fun in New England and lets David Andrews spike the ball

Andrew Erickson 2:38 PM
Patriots receivers can't get open so Cam just runs TDs himself

Kevin Cole 2:43 PM
We need to be on Tua watch soon…

Andrew Erickson 2:43 PM
Antonio Gibson leading carrier for Washington in the first half

Timo Riske 2:45 PM
Frank Reich is great. Goes for it on fourth-and-1 in his own territory. This is the future of football we deserve

Editor's note: All of PFF's grades and advanced stats from this game will be finalized and made available to ELITE subscribers within 24 hours of the final whistle.

Timo Riske 2:46 PM
Metcalf with an ugly drop to start the second half

Austin Gayle 2:47 PM
Fourth-and-6 for LV, prime throwaway territory for Derek Carr

Sam Monson 2:47 PM
Ruggs back in at least. Thought he might be done with that ankle

Kevin Cole 2:48 PM
Raiders wasting a timeout to pretend to go on fourth-and-6. Horrible.

Steve Palazzolo 2:48 PM
Dante Fowler wrong-armed the guard and made a great run stop!

Austin Gayle 2:48 PM
OUR Gators

Anthony Treash 2:48 PM
Minnesota was the first team to attempt fewer than 5 passes in the first half of a regular-season game since Indy in Week 14 of 2017.

Eric Eager 2:49 PM
Ravens bailing out Baker too many times today

Timo Riske 2:51 PM
Colts legend Rodrigo Blankenship misses the field goal and Philip Rivers already feels like home in Indianapolis

Austin Gayle 2:53 PM
Deion Jones is awesome, what a play on the outside run.

Kevin Cole 2:53 PM
T.J. Hockenson leading the Lions in receiving with 52 yards and a TD

George 2:54 PM
Has anyone ever thrown a better over-the-shoulder pass than Russ? My god…

Timo Riske 2:54 PM
The Falcons are so shocked that the Seahawks go for it on fourth down that they simply forgot to cover

Austin Gayle 2:54 PM
DIME from Russ to Metcalf… Metcalf also ruined that ATL corner at the LOS.

Kevin Cole 2:54 PM
D.K. was hugely open, but yes

Ian Hartitz 2:54 PM
Metcalf deep 38-yard TD. too big, too fast.

Kevin Cole 2:54 PM
Allowed him to run in after

George 2:54 PM
Trubisky would have missed by 5 yards

Kevin Cole 2:54 PM
I would throw that to DK 10 times per game

Austin Gayle 2:55 PM
Isaiah Oliver never stood a chance.

Timo Riske 2:55 PM
Mike Evans is expected to be good to go LETS GOOOOOOOOOO

Steve Palazzolo 2:55 PM
D.K. Metcalf tied for fifth with four touchdowns on deep passes last season. He now has his first in 2020

Andrew Erickson 2:55 PM
N'Keal Harry coming down with a ton of contested catches from Cam.

Sam Monson 2:56 PM
All of N'Keal Harry's catches will be contested

Kevin Cole 2:56 PM
His new Kelvin Benjamin

Seth Galina 2:57 PM
Baker winced as he was letting that ball go to Odell that Peters broke up. No one wants to play today anymore

Steve Palazzolo 2:58 PM
Minshew still has too many plays where he holds the ball way too long in the pocket

Kevin Cole 2:58 PM
Harry fumbled out of the back of the end zone for a touchback as he was extending for the TD

Timo Riske 2:58 PM
Oh my god, the worst rule in football strikes again

Andrew Erickson 2:58 PM
N'Keal Harry fumble through the end zone. Touchback smh

Timo Riske 3:00 PM
Falcons fake punt!!!

Steve Palazzolo 3:00 PM
Marquise Blair forced fumble

Timo Riske 3:00 PM
They got it, but they fumbled. Maybe it's just me, but I would just straight-up go for it on short yardage. Leave the fakes for more yards to go

Sam Monson 3:02 PM
If Josh Jacobs becomes a factor in the Raiders' passing attack too, lookout. In college he had legit receiver skills. Just had a nice catch and run there

Nathan Jahnke 3:03 PM
Fear is torn ACL for Marlon Mack, per Tom Pelissero

George 3:03 PM
Man, that sucks.

George 3:04 PM
Jonathan Taylor Szn

Kevin Cole 3:04 PM
That's why you use a second-round pick on a running back

George 3:04 PM
Exactly. And it's why Nyheim Hines will assuredly be the savior

Steve Palazzolo 3:04 PM
Lamar dime to Willie Snead up the seam

Kevin Cole 3:04 PM
Ignore Nyheim Hines killing

Steve Palazzolo 3:05 PM
Marcus Maye taking Jamal Adams' role-playing near the line of scrimmage. In on his second sack of the day…

Sam Monson 3:07 PM
Not to worry guys, Kirk Cousins has decided to take matters into his own hands by rushing for the comeback

George 3:03 PM
I cannot state this enough. I hate the Browns. This is a horror film.

Steve Palazzolo 3:08 PM
Vikings have 110 rushing yards at 6.5 per carry…

Seth Galina 3:08 PM
Mayfield just doesn't trust the pass concept the coaches are calling for him. All those timing-throws from 2018 are gone

Sam Monson 3:09 PM
The Ravens are like the worst team in the league to try and right that ship against, but this definitely has to make you more not less concerned about the future of Mayfield as a viable starter

Timo Riske 3:10 PM
The Falcons show signs of life with a deep completion to —of course — Julio Jones.

Austin Gayle 3:10 PM
Jamison Crowder with the 69-yard TD on a zero air-yard pass!

Ben Brown 3:10 PM
Vikings fade-route to the goal line on fourth and 3…

Timo Riske 3:11 PM
The most Jets thing ever

Steve Palazzolo 3:11 PM
Jamison Crowder makes Tremaine Edmunds miss for the 69-yard TD. Bills had the second-worst PFF tackling grade last season.

Kevin Cole 3:11 PM
If the Jets could somehow make that game competitive it would be amazing

Steve Palazzolo 3:11 PM
Fitzmagic time

Austin Gayle 3:11 PM
Ryan Fitzpatrick is a drug I can’t quit.

Sam Monson 3:12 PM
…and don't want to

Timo Riske 3:13 PM
It looks like the Jets are in it again, but how are they supposed to score 11 more points? 69-yard screen passes don't come very often

George 3:13 PM
Baker Trubsiky

Austin Gayle 3:13 PM
Baker Mayfield is legit hard to watch right now.

Sam Monson 3:14 PM
MVS is killing Rodgers right now

George 3:03 PM
The Rodgers over should never have been in doubt, and now I am sweating

Sam Monson 3:14 PM
MVS is like one more drop away from never seeing another target until he buys Rodgers a new house.

Timo Riske 3:16 PM
Julio is still the NFL's best wide receiver. Fight me

Ben Brown 3:16 PM
Lazard should take all secondary targets in the Packers offense

Kevin Cole 3:16 PM
Baker trying to do some Russell Wilson stuff but isn't athletic enough

Steve Palazzolo 3:18 PM
Rivers terrible INT to rookie K'Lavon Chaisson

Seth Galina 3:18 PM
LSU legend K'lavon Chaisson

George 3:19 PM

Sam Monson 3:20 PM
Minnesota not having any CBs may, in fact, be a problem

Steve Palazzolo 3:20 PM
Rodgers is still the best with his cadence at the line of scrimmage, now he gets to use it 16 times instead of just in the eight home games

George 3:20 PM
Chase Young destroying

Austin Gayle 3:24 PM
The biggest surprise for everyone so far?

Timo Riske 3:24 PM
The Colts not running away with it

Ian Hartitz 3:24 PM
The Jaguars might not be egregiously awful

Anthony Treash 3:25 PM
that I fell for the browns hype trap again

Sam Monson 3:25 PM
The lack of surprises? Week 1 usually has a few insane scores/upsets. Are there really any today?

George 3:25 PM
Thank you IAN

Kevin Cole 3:26 PM
I think Cam has been especially good considering being a league-min pickup. Maybe not a surprise, but highly encouraging for the Patriots that he's running so well

George 3:26 PM
The Browns looking like they spent all summer with Freddie Kitchens

Steve Palazzolo 3:26 PM
It's time for Kirk Cousins to salvage the stat line

Sam Monson 3:28 PM
To be fair to Cousins, that was a dime

Steve Palazzolo 3:28 PM
I sent that before the throw. It was.

Anthony Treash 3:28 PM
Rodgers only throwing three passes to the intermediate level is interesting

Steve Palazzolo 3:29 PM
Tough to tank when you have RB James Robinson

Kevin Cole 3:31 PM
Why is Lamar lowering the shoulder up 31-6

Timo Riske 3:31 PM
Because he can

George 3:31 PM
just to put salt in the wound

Seth Galina 3:32 PM
Fold the browns imo

Timo Riske 3:32 PM
JK Dobbins continues to show his second-round value with another goal-line TD.

Austin Gayle 3:35 PM
I can’t believe people doubted Gardner.

Austin Gayle 3:36 PM

Steve Palazzolo 3:37 PM
LOL Josh Allen. He just airmailed a wide-open TD then tries to throw a pick on the goal line.

Austin Gayle 3:38 PM
Dude, Robby Anderson sent Damon Arnette to hell and back on that double-move.

Steve Palazzolo 3:38 PM
I had Arnette at 4.49 on that one

Timo Riske 3:38 PM
I know it was not turnover-worthy, but we should make that wide-open TD attempt a -2.5

Steve Palazzolo 3:39 PM

Andrew Erickson 3:41 PM
And …it's picked. Classic Rivers

Timo Riske 3:42 PM
My bet is that wasn't Rivers' last attempt at a game-winning drive. It wouldn't be a classic Rivers game if he doesn't get it back one more time

Austin Gayle 3:43 PM
Raiders picking on Tahir Whitehead is just great to see.

Timo Riske 3:43 PM
Speaking of biggest surprises. The Football Team might win against the Eagles

George 3:43 PM
Julio has 9 for 157

Steve Palazzolo 3:45 PM
Allen Robinson had a step down the field and Trubisky underthrows him. Pass breakup by Daryl Roberts

Timo Riske 3:45 PM
The Bills are such a smart team, but one questionable decision (extending Josh Allen after this season) could ruin everything. Prayers are up

Steve Palazzolo 3:46 PM
And Trubisky fumbles while running backward. A 27-yard loss

Andrew Erickson 3:46 PM
Josh Jacobs scoring too many rushing touchdowns for him to be involved as a receiver

Mike Renner 3:48 PM
Rodgers out for blood

George 3:48 PM
looking for reeeveeeennge

Timo Riske 3:49 PM
Our projections slotting Rodgers as the fourth-most likely QB to win MVP is looking good so far

Ben Linsey 3:50 PM
W1 2019: Washington blows a 17-point lead
W1 2020: Philadelphia blows a 17-point lead

Austin Gayle 3:53 PM
I think Cam and the Pats are winning the AFC East.

George 3:53 PM

Austin Gayle 3:54 PM

Ben Brown 3:54 PM
Almost as obvious the Eagles are not winning the NFC East.

George 3:55 PM
The Jaguars and Football Team OVERS. Let's go!

Steve Palazzolo 3:55 PM
Yeah, CJ got a hand in there. Huge game

George 3:55 PM
Really nice play

Kevin Cole 3:56 PM
Ertz dropping the fourth-down-and-3 pass after all the contract drama

Austin Gayle 3:56 PM
Can’t believe people were doubting Minshew.

Steve Palazzolo 3:56 PM
Goedert going to be stealing targets shortly. Man, it's really tough to tank with Minshew

Steve Palazzolo 3:57 PM
Aaron Rodgers has not been sacked on 42 dropbacks

George 3:58 PM
so Carolina pays CMC all that money for what reason

Sam Monson 3:59 PM
Aaron Rodgers is just on fire

George 4:00 PM

Timo Riske 4:01 PM
Matt Rhule losing his first game with a fullback dive is so on brand

Timo Riske 4:02 PM
Joe Burrow will take the field in a few minutes. LETS GOOO

Timo Riske 4:06 PM
We are forced to watch a game-winning drive attempt by Mitch Trubisky. Buckle up.

Austin Gayle 4:08 PM
Dude, that was a DIME for Mitch to Miller.

Steve Palazzolo 4:08 PM
wow, Trubisky! #BigTimeThrow

Austin Gayle 4:08 PM
That was insane. Great hands by Miller, too.

Timo Riske 4:09 PM
MITCH. EFFIN. TRUBISKY. Not a single doubt from me

Andrew Erickson 4:09 PM
Trubisky can't not produce vs. the Lions. Always brings his A-game

George 4:09 PM
Setting attendance records in Cincy

Steve Palazzolo 4:11 PM
Cousins got that 118.6 passer rating to keep the career numbers intact

Timo Riske 4:16 PM
The Trubisky phenomenon is that whenever you think “that's it, he will be benched soon,” he does something that buys him just a little bit more time

Ben Brown 4:17 PM
Swift drops the go-ahead TD in the end zone

George 4:17 PM

Anthony Treash 4:18 PM
Buster Skrine doing the incomplete signal like he caused it is comical

Austin Gayle 4:18 PM
The D’Andre Swift drop is just wow.

Timo Riske 4:18 PM
The Lions phenomenon is that they are just bad at winning football games

Anthony Treash 4:19 PM
Jaylon Johnson may have got trucked earlier, but he low-key had a good game.

Timo Riske 4:23 PM
I can't wait for Bills Mafia to get mad at the Josh Allen grade, wherever this will end up

Sam Monson 4:25 PM
They already are

Editor's note: All of PFF's grades and advanced stats from this game will be finalized and made available to ELITE subscribers within 24 hours of the final whistle.

Sam Monson 4:26 PM
Brady vs. Brees has to be the oldest meeting of QBs ever, right?

Timo Riske 4:26 PM
Taysom Hill on the field on the first snap

Austin Gayle 4:26 PM
Taysom also adds to that average age.

Sam Monson 4:27 PM

Timo Riske 4:27 PM
Good lord the Bucs are not prepared

Sam Monson 4:27 PM
It's taken Austin the entire early slate of games, but he finally landed with a funny

Austin Gayle 4:31 PM
That was a gorgeous pass from Tompa.

Steve Palazzolo 4:32 PM
Brady's first pass with the Bucs is a #BigTimeThrow

Austin Gayle 4:32 PM
I mean, the Howard pass was his first haha

Austin Gayle 4:34 PM
AH, BUT IT’S A NO PLAY. You’re right.

George 4:32 PM
Burrow under siege

Timo Riske 4:34 PM
An underrated thing that Brady might have brought to Tampa is the help of the refs

Timo Riske 4:41 PM
49ers continue to prove you need to draft running backs in the second round to have a good offense

Sam Monson 4:42 PM
Uh oh, that was on Simmons. The ultimate matchup weapon on D just got eviscerated.

Timo Riske 4:45 PM
I think the Saints have to start attacking the young Bucs corners deep. This isn't a defense that you can just dink-and-dunk to death

George 4:50 PM
bring in Jameis

Timo Riske 4:50 PM

Sam Monson 4:50 PM
Bill Walsh would do it.

Austin Gayle 4:51 PM
C.J. Henderson had himself a DAY, will finish reviews as one of the highest-graded cornerbacks this week.

Timo Riske 4:54 PM
Drew Brees trying to throw for 15 yards downfield to the sideline is tough to watch

George 4:55 PM
Better than Mahomes AG?

Ian Hartitz 4:57 PM
Early returns on the artist formerly known as TyGod: not great!

Kevin Cole 4:57 PM
Looking like 2018 Tyrod so far

George 4:57 PM
Better than Baker

Timo Riske 4:57 PM
Stop it

Sam Monson 4:59 PM
Saints tried to uncork one deep… with Taysom Hill

George 5:00 PM
Makes sense

Sam Monson 5:00 PM
Of course he pulled it down and scrambled, but I wonder if Brees even has that throw anymore

Timo Riske 5:00 PM
They have basically had two good plays up to that point and both came from Hill

George 5:00 PM
The Bengals running on 2nd and 18, because why would you want to give yourself a chance?

Austin Gayle 5:03 PM
That Bosa sack was sick. Bobby Hart is going to have a tough day.

George 5:03 PM
Look I'm close enough to the field they might put me in at RT

George 5:04 PM
Why does Kyler do that scramble forever and never throw on third-and-long

George 5:05 PM
Mostert gonna go for 2k. Niners 10-6.

Steve Palazzolo 5:05 PM
Tyrod and Ekeler running the option

George 5:11 PM
That penalty on Bates seems a little soft

Timo Riske 5:12 PM
That's a terrible DPI on Sean Murphy-Bunting. If anything it was on Jordan Whitehead

George 5:12 PM

Austin Gayle 5:15 PM
Absolute legend.

George 5:15 PM
So awesome. I'm so glad they won.

Sam Monson 5:20 PM
Best play Tillery has made in the NFL and the QB didn't even have the ball

Ben Brown 5:20 PM
Bengals rush up on fourth-and-2 but take the penalty and punt at midfield. Gotta let the rookie go for it.

George 5:20 PM
Do the Bengals want to win this game? Do they know they are an underdog?

George 5:21 PM
Gronk looks about as agile as Steve rn

Eric Eager 5:22 PM
Kwon Alexander continues to be exploited

George 5:23 PM
4nette changing the Bucs for the worse

Ian Hartitz 5:25 PM
Brady hasn't gained a step

Sam Monson 5:25 PM
Darius Phillips had some really nice PFF grades in limited snaps. He's undoing all of it today

Timo Riske 5:31 PM
Sean Payton about to dial up that Taysom Hill play during the two-minute warning

Eric Eager 5:33 PM
the Saints should at least consider putting in Jameis now that they are ahead

Timo Riske 5:33 PM
Jameis must feel as if he is in paradise right now, looking at that Bucs dumpster fire

Eric Eager 5:34 PM
this LAC vs. CIN game feels rough for LAC. The Bengals have been mostly awful on offense and still have a lead

George 5:34 PM
And they aren't exactly stout on D. Has Burrow even thrown downfield once?

Sam Monson 5:44 PM
Pure hospital pass to Kittle there. High and slow coming on a wide screen? May have actually gotten him hurt, too.

George 5:45 PM
I'm gonna be sick. I'm not well.

Seth Galina 5:45 PM
Maybe the Bucs can trade for Jameis at halftime

Sam Monson 5:47 PM
Imagine if the takeaway from this game was when QBs that are both 40-plus play, you get two ugly, geriatric-looking pass attacks.

Timo Riske 5:48 PM
My takeaway from the first half is Payton >>> Leftwich, and it's probably not close. Payton dials up screens for Kamara and chunk plays for Hill. Meanwhile, Leftwich has Jones and Fournette running into walls

Timo Riske 5:58 PM
Lowest aDoT of the week so far:
Joe Burrow 4.5
Kyler Murray 4.7

George 5:59 PM
I hate everything

Sam Monson 6:01 PM
We've all been praying for football to return so much we forgot how much it can ruin your life

Signed, a cursed Vikings fan

Ben Brown 6:09 PM
Two slight overthrows in the end zone by Burrow

Austin Gayle 6:10 PM
That last one to Green was BAAAD.

George 6:10 PM
Awful. Brady, man.

Timo Riske 6:10 PM

Austin Gayle 6:10 PM
Write the article @Sam Monson

Sam Monson 6:10 PM
Just bump the one from 2014

Kevin Cole 6:10 PM
Brady not looking so good when McDaniels isn't scheming him up the easy stuff. It's the washed bowl.

Timo Riske 6:11 PM
Brady is a washed QB w/o a good OC, Brees is a washed QB w/ a good OC

Austin Gayle 6:11 PM
Bucs should trade for Taysom.

Sam Monson 6:11 PM
Most QBs suck Year 1 under Arians. Given Brady's deep into his 60s, I wonder if there's any point in even running any variant of his offense. They should just do what Denver did with Manning and ask Brady what their offense now is.

Seth Galina 6:17 PM
I'm honestly confused why they didn't do that Sam

Sam Monson 6:18 PM
I don't think Denver would have if they had a stronger offensive-minded coach. Or if it wasn't clear pretty early Manning couldn't make their plan work.

Timo Riske 6:19 PM
I hardly watched the 49ers game, but Garoppolo has 10 yards per attempt and all I've seen and read about that games is that he is bad. Shanahan is a wizard.

George 6:22 PM
This is the least-watched game Burrow has played in a year

Timo Riske 6:22 PM
And now imagine it would be at the Chargers

George 6:23 PM
The Bucs are gonna win this

Timo Riske 6:25 PM
Brees has 94 yards on 21 attempts.

Ben Brown 6:33 PM
Taylor big boi stiff arm to buy time for that third-down conversion

Sam Monson 6:35 PM
That was a nice play

Austin Gayle 6:35 PM
Great play

Ian Hartitz 6:37 PM
he's flashed a few times despite the overall performance obvs being meh.
Although he should probably chill on the hospital balls to Mike Williams

Ben Brown 6:38 PM
Josh Kelly looks like the clear #2 in this backfield. He is apparently going to be quite involved in the red zone

George 6:41 PM
Go for 2

Timo Riske 6:41 PM
No. Let the Bengals stay conservative.

Ben Brown 6:46 PM
utter disaster. I am speechless

Ian Hartitz 6:48 PM
Justin Jackson quad injury

Sam Monson 6:49 PM
They're playing two TEs more than they're playing Andy Isabella. Probably time to write his role off

Ben Brown 6:51 PM
Bates has had a few big plays for the Bengals secondary

George 6:51 PM

Timo Riske 6:52 PM
I want to take this moment of silence to point out that I was the only one of us who picked the Cardinals to win the NFC West, which probably means the 49ers come back to win this.

Sam Monson 6:58 PM

Ben Linsey 7:00 PM
Oh no

Sam Monson 7:00 PM
Oh no Burrow

Ben Linsey 7:01 PM
That was ugly

Timo Riske 7:01 PM
That was Josh Allen lateral levels of wild

George 7:02 PM
That was atrocious

Ben Brown 7:10 PM
Are David Johnson truthers still taking victory laps?

Austin Gayle 7:10 PM
Hopkins turned it on after the catch, love to see that.

Sam Monson 7:10 PM
Now the trade's just win-win, Ben. Duh.

Ben Brown 7:12 PM
Sam, if the Bengals win here we both need to renounce our fandom of the Vikings and move onto Cincinnati

Steve Palazzolo 7:12 PM
classic John Ross

Mike Renner 7:12 PM
Why does John Ross blow something like every game

George 7:17 PM
Watching Joe Burrow…pants nowhere to be found

Timo Riske 7:17 PM
The Bucs just punted trailing by 17 and have thus officially surrendered

George 7:20 PM
That’s awful

Austin Gayle 7:20 PM
That was OPI, but the pass was SICK.

George 7:20 PM
How dare you

Timo Riske 7:20 PM
The catch was also sick. Too bad it doesn't count

Eric Eager 7:21 PM

Ben Linsey 7:21 PM
That is a brutal string of events

George 7:21 PM

Eric Eager 7:21 PM
teaser wins

Sam Monson 7:21 PM

George 7:21 PM

Sam Monson 7:21 PM
And he hurt himself doing it

Timo Riske 7:21 PM
Chargers are free of the Rivers curse

George 7:22 PM
Zac Taylor what are you doing man

Mike Renner 7:25 PM
I pulled my quad punting in flag football so we’re basically the same

Austin Gayle 7:27 PM
Jimmy G was late and behind on that out route.

Sam Monson 7:29 PM
wtf happened to the SNF line? It moved 3.5 points in the last hour or so?
Did somebody's bus crash?

George 7:30 PM
People watched cam Erving pass protect

Editor's note: All of PFF's grades and advanced stats from this game will be finalized and made available to ELITE subscribers within 24 hours of the final whistle.

Seth Galina 8:23 PM
Goff going for 350 tonight

George 8:24 PM

Austin Gayle 8:25 PM
Bobby Trees is getting FED. Malcolm Brown getting the goal-line work is brutal.

Sam Monson 8:29 PM
C.J. Anderson wasn't available

Austin Gayle 9:03 PM
The Zeke “feed me” tattoo is just incredible.

Sam Monson 9:03 PM
You should get one

Eric Eager 9:07 PM
Is Malcolm Brown good?

Austin Gayle 9:07 PM

Eric Eager 9:07 PM
(safe space)?

Sam Monson 9:11 PM
RBs are neither good nor bad, they just are.

Steve Palazzolo 9:15 PM
Nine of Goff's first 15 dropbacks were either screens or rollouts/boots

Austin Gayle 9:23 PM

George 9:25 PM
My, oh my. Bucket. Dropped.

Kevin Cole 9:25 PM
He was not open at all

George 9:25 PM

Sam Monson 9:33 PM

Seth Galina 9:44 PM
Can an editor delete where I said Goff is going for 350?

Austin Gayle 9:44 PM

George 9:55 PM

Austin Gayle 10:11 PM
Bobby Tree's target rate/share is fire

Seth Galina 10:27 PM
They put Goff in the gun every snap on that drive and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED

Austin Gayle 12:34 AM
That'll do it for Week 1. We never should have doubted Gardner Minshew. Aaron Rodgers & Davante Adams are on a revenge tour. Baker Mayfield looks BAD. The Football Team played good enough football to beat the injury-plagued Eagles in an upset. And Tompa Brady's debut was not all that it was hyped up to be.

Let's do it again next week.

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