Final 2023 CFL offensive line rankings

2RT00K6 Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Jermarcus Hardrick (51) holds the Banjo Bowl trophy as he celebrates with fans after the team's win ovr the Saskatchewan Roughriders in a Canadian Football League game Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (John Woods/The Canadian Press via AP)

• Blue Bombers hold on to No. 1: Winnipeg ranked first by a large margin in group run-blocking grade (75.3) and placed fourth in pass-blocking grade (61.5).

• Alouettes, Argonauts round out top three: Montreal ranked first in pass blocking, while Toronto placed second.

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Few things are more important to a team’s success than the quality of its offensive line. Disastrous lines, or even disastrous weak-link mismatches, can determine the outcome of games, while strong units give an incredible advantage to an offense.

This CFL season, we kept track of how each offensive line fared as well as highlighted the biggest weak-link players.

The end-of-season rankings lineups include the players who played the most at the position, and highlighted in red players are those who finished with a sub-60.0 PFF grade.

Red text = weakest link

WR:CB Matchup Chart

1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (No Change)

LT Stanley Bryant
LG Geoff Gray
C Chris Kolankowski
RG Patrick Neufeld
RT Jermarcus Hardrick

  • Winnipeg finishes the season as the top-ranked offensive line. They ranked first by a large margin in group run-blocking grade (75.3) and placed fourth in pass-blocking grade (61.5). A critical factor in why they rank ahead of Montreal is their overall grade — a 92.6 mark that easily tops the Alouettes' 77.3. 
  • Jermarcus, the unit's best player, finished with a 73.4 overall grade, a 71.4 run-blocking grade and a 71.6 pass-blocking grade.
  • Winnipeg got outstanding play from its sixth and seventh offensive linemen. Asotui Eli and Liam Dobson would be great starters for multiple teams in the CFL, with both playing 260-plus snaps this year. Eli finished with a 78.9 overall grade and an 83.3 run-blocking grade, and Dobson recorded a 75.9 overall grade and a CFL-best 84.7 run-blocking grade. 

2. Montreal Alouettes (No Change)

LT Nick Callender
LG Pier-Olivier Lestage
C Justin Lawrence
RG Kristian Matte
RT Landon Rice

  • The Alouettes fielded the best pass-protecting offensive line in the CFL, and it wasn’t that close. Montreal had seven players play more than 100 snaps this season, and each finished with a 70.0-plus pass-blocking grade.
  • Rice and Callender would be the best offensive linemen on many teams in the CFL, but Pier-Olivier Lestage was the best player for this group. Lestage finished as the top-ranked left guard in the league, with a 78.7 overall grade. Lestage finished as the second-best run-blocker, with an 83.6 run-blocking grade, and was solid in pass-protection, earning a 78.0 pass-blocking grade.
  • Montreal ranked as the second-best run-blocking team in the CFL, earning a 65.6 run-blocking grade.

3. Toronto Argonauts (No Change)

LT Isiah Cage
LG Ryan Hunter
C Darius Ciraco
RG Peter Nicastro
RT Dejon Allen

  • Dejon Allen finished as the top-graded pass-blocker in the CFL, earning an 80.0 mark in that facet. He also earned a 74.8 overall grade and a 68.7 run-blocking grade.
  • Toronto ranked fourth in the CFL with a 63.0 team run-blocking grade and second with a 67.6 team pass-blocking grade.

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (No Change)

LT Jordan Murray
LG Brandon Revenberg
C David Beard
RG Coulter Woodmansey
RT Tyrone Riley

  • Brandon Revenberg had an all-star level season, finishing with a 76.9 overall grade as the second-ranked left guard in the CFL. He earned a 78.7 run-blocking grade and a 74.9 pass-blocking grade.
  • The Hamilton offensive line ranked fourth in the CFL in run-blocking grade (62.7) and third pass-blocking grade (61.6).

5. Edmonton Elks (No Change)

LT Martez Ivey
LG David Foucault
C Mark Korte
RG Tomas Jack-Kurdyla
RT Brett Boyko

  • The Elks' offensive line finished their season ranked fifth with a 59.2 run-blocking grade and a 56.5 pass-blocking grade.
  • Brett Boyko earned a 72.2 overall grade, a 66.9 run-blocking grade and a 73.7 pass-blocking grade this season. His PFF grade and pass-blocking grade ranked first on the Elks, while his run-blocking grade placed second to Martez Ivey’s 77.0 mark.

6. British Columbia Lions (No Change)

LT Jarell Broxton
LG Andrew Peirson
C Michael Couture
Sukh Chungh
RT Kent Perkins

  • Jarell Broxton had a stellar season, earning a 75.0 overall grade with a 75.3 run-blocking grade and a 69.6 pass-blocking grade. Both ranked first on the Lions among those with 100-plus snaps played this year.
  • The Lions’ offensive line finished the season ranked sixth in the CFL with a 56.5 run-blocking grade and a 53.2 pass-blocking grade.

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders (No Change)

LT Eric Lofton
LG Philip Blake
C Peter Godber
RG Logan Ferland
RT Brandon Council

  • Peter Godber posted a 70.9 overall grade, a 66.5 run-blocking grade and a 78.7 pass-blocking grade. All of his grades rank first on the team.
  • The Roughriders' offensive line finished their season ranked seventh in the CFL with a 54.1 group run-blocking grade and eighth with a 48.7 pass-blocking grade.

8. Calgary Stampeders (No Change)

LT D’Antne Demery
LG Zack Williams
C Sean McEwen
RG Ryan Sceviour
RT Joshua Coker

  • Joshua Coker finished the season with a 69.6 overall grade and ranked first on the Stampeders with a 67.7 run-blocking grade and a 68.2 pass-blocking grade.
  • Calgary fielded the worst run-blocking group in the CFL this year (50.6 grade) and ranked seventh with a 50.6 pass-blocking grade. 

9. Ottawa Redblacks (No Change)

LT Dino Boyd
LG Drew Desjarlais
C Cyrille Hogan-Saindon
Jacob Ruby
RT Zack Pelehos

  • Drew Desjarlais posted a 63.9 overall grade, a 62.9 run-blocking grade and a 63.6 pass-blocking grade.
  • The Redblacks' offensive line had a rough year overall. They ranked eighth in run-blocking grade (53.5) and last in pass-blocking grade (43.2).

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