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NFL Week 3 live reactions and analysis: Reacting to the Justin Jefferson breakout game, the state of the NFC East QB play, Mitchell Trubisky's benching and more

After last Sunday's slate of games gave us one of the worst weeks for injuries in the history of the game, things could only get better in Week 3 — and our analysts were ready for it.

A whole lot of questions circled around Sunday's slate — are the Raiders, Rams and Bills for real? Can the Eagles keep hope alive? How good are the Steelers and Texans, really? Here is how things went down at PFF HQ on the third Sunday of NFL action.

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Timo Riske 1:04 PM
There are very interesting storylines today. Are the Raiders legit? What about the Rams and Bills? Can the Eagles get keep any hope alive? How good are the Steelers and Texans? Let's go!

Sam Monson 1:04 PM
One play in and Deshaun Watson already getting smacked around by that Steelers D in quick-game pass. This could be a looooooong day for him

Sam Monson 1:06 PM
What's the one storyline everyone is most looking for?

Timo Riske 1:08 PM
Watson against the Steelers defense might be the most interesting for me

George 1:08 PM
How the Falcons lose

Sam Monson 1:08 PM
If Watson gets out of that with any kind of credit, I'll be amazed.  I want to see whether Mayfield can convince himself to stay in the pocket and be comfortable against a front that can actually hurry him. Cincinnati made his life too comfortable. This is a step up.

Ian Hartitz 1:11 PM
JuJu's knee injury might be a real thing. dude looks like he's running in quicksand.

George 1:12 PM
I think Wentz and Brees are interesting QBs who need to show something

Timo Riske 1:12 PM
How will Wentz wear his hat post-game?

Austin Gayle 1:12 PM
Sam, where are you at with the Vikings? Are you on board with them being in the T-Law sweepstakes?

Sam Monson 1:13 PM
If you could promise me now they'd be there at the end of the season I'd take it in a heartbeat. My biggest fear is they suck but win enough games to pick like 12th and have no mechanism to improve.

Timo Riske 1:13 PM
Goff just took a sack out of reasonable field goal range on 3rd down. Can't do this. And they missed the 53-yarder.

Seth Galina 1:14 PM
Does anyone else get the feeling Ryan is going to have a Brees-like career? He's been great for so long, but that defense is a sieve. In like four years they're gonna be good on defense and finally be a consistent playoff team.

Timo Riske 1:14 PM
Calvin Ridley is already dealing early in the game. It's safe to say this is his breakout season.

Austin Gayle 1:14 PM
Is it even legal to throw an INT to a Cincinnati linebacker? What has happened to Carson Wentz?

Sam Monson 1:15 PM
I think it was tipped at the line…

Ian Hartitz 1:15 PM
Golden Tate is an American treasure and I don't want to hear otherwise

George 1:19 PM
So much respect for GT

Eric Eager 1:20 PM
Houston has run on every single second and long so far…

Mike Renner 1:20 PM
Golden is my all-time favorite domer

Timo Riske 1:22 PM
This was a weird touchdown “throw” from Josh Allen. Might have even been incomplete…

Sam Monson 1:23 PM
The announcer's genuinely trying to claim that's intentional

Timo Riske 1:23 PM
It was forward, so this should be ruled incomplete

Sam Monson 1:23 PM
You're taught to keep it low, where your guy catches it or nobody.
It's a WR screen, nobody's coaching you to put it on his shoelaces

Timo Riske 1:23 PM
Diggs literally grabbed it off the grass

Sam Monson 1:23 PM
Coaching point. Grady Jarrett is too good to be trapped in such an ugly uniform

Seth Galina 1:25 PM
What if Carson Wentz was never actually good?

Timo Riske 1:25 PM
Now we are talking…

Seth Galina 1:25 PM
I don't like saying the third-down offense of 2017 was “lucky,” but if you can't consistently stay out of third down, you're probably not great.

Timo Riske 1:26 PM
His 2017 season was kind of a third-down outlier. We might have overestimated him a bit.

Anthony Treash 1:26 PM
At what point do we see Jalen Hurts? I hope its soon.

Sam Monson 1:26 PM
He was never 2017 Wentz, but he's not the guy we've seen so far either, imo.

Ian Hartitz 1:31 PM
Wentz at least showing off some of that mobility but still nothing happening downfield, as much as they try.

Sam Monson 1:31 PM
Ooh, nice throw from Haskins. That's the high-end stuff that's been missing so far this year.

Timo Riske 1:31 PM
Wentz is scared to let it sling

Ben Linsey 1:31 PM
Isaiah Wright gets an assist on that Washington touchdown. Dwayne Haskins threw a ball right to Denzel Ward that Wright broke up. The Football Team ends the drive with a TD.

Timo Riske 1:32 PM
This might be an issue that is getting to Wentz's head at this point. And just like that, he takes the sack on third down after not releasing the ball…

George 1:33 PM
Wentz looks lost

Seth Galina 1:33 PM
Are we saying that whoever wins this Washington vs. Cleveland game is the worst 2-1 team so far?

Austin Gayle 1:34 PM
I think that's a good take, Seth. Both teams are bad.

Ian Hartitz 1:35 PM
2-1 Bears after losing to the Falcons' backup defense also a strong contender

Sam Monson 1:40 PM
Levi Wallace might be my favorite underdog story in the league. Snags an INT of Goff.

Ben Linsey 1:42 PM
OBJ breaking up the pass and even throwing in the finger wag on it!

Seth Galina 1:42 PM
All receivers think they can play DB

Timo Riske 1:42 PM
This must be depressing for a QB if your receiver celebrates a pass breakup.
But, on the other hand, throw it accurately and he doesn't have to.

Timo Riske 1:47 PM
The Falcons offense would be so good if they removed Todd Gurley runs from their playbook

Ian Hartitz 1:48 PM
David Johnson elite one-yard TD after Watson avoided three sacks to pick up the first down the previous play

George 1:48 PM

Anthony Treash 1:50 PM
Can we just put Penei Sewell on the Bengals now?

Seth Galina 1:51 PM
Can we just put Joe Burrow back on LSU now?

Austin Gayle 1:52 PM
Justin Jefferson is getting FED this week, could be big for his fantasy value in the future.

George 1:54 PM
Burrow is getting the David Carr treatment

Austin Gayle 1:54 PM
Woah, Chase Winovich with the best rush of his career for the strip-sack against LV.

Austin Gayle 1:56 PM
Justin Jefferson is having a DAY. Just had a huge contested catch for a first down. He should be the clear No. 2 guy in Minnesota after this week.

Seth Galina 2:01 PM
I haven't been paying attention, but I wonder if the Bills' two-high stuff is giving the Rams problems. Looks like the Rams have been in the red-zone(ish) twice, though.

Timo Riske 2:05 PM
The Falcons are setting up another meltdown very nicely. While the Eagles have absolutely sucked so far, their D-Line is legit. Burrow couldn't start his NFL career against much better pass rushes…and he hasn't even faced the Steelers and Ravens.

Timo Riske 2:16 PM
We have joked about Allen's inaccurate screen pass earlier, but he looks so comfortable in this offense and makes the plays they need him to make. This Bills team looks legit. They should give the Patriots a run for their money even if Cam can sustain his play from the first two weeks.

Sam Monson 2:16 PM
What the offense is doing to the Rams D is brutal. Coverage busts all over the place…

Austin Gayle 2:18 PM
Anytime Malcolm Smith does anything, you have to mention that he was a former Super Bowl MVP. It's a broadcaster standard.

Sam Monson 2:18 PM
Only because it will never stop being amazing

Timo Riske 2:19 PM
Three years later the Jerrick McKinnon signing is paying dividends…

Mike Renner 2:24 PM
Burkhead took Abram’s ankles

Sam Monson 2:24 PM
Already missing a chunk of his collar bone and AC joint. The dude's running low on body parts…

Austin Gayle 2:36 PM
Where is everyone on Daniel Jones through 2.5 games this year? That pick to Warner was awful — late and behind to a blanketed Evan Engram.

Sam Monson 2:41 PM
Ugh, groin injury for Chase Young, out for the game. That's a bummer for Washington. Was going to be fun to see how good a rookie year he'd have. Let's hope it's a quick recovery.

Sam Monson 2:55 PM
Stefon Diggs is owning Jalen Ramsey so far. Starting to wonder just how much the Vikings offense has been holding Diggs back over recent years.

Anthony Treash 3:02 PM
The Bisk has been benched

Timo Riske 3:04 PM
Nick Foles will win this game, right?

Ian Hartitz 3:05 PM
Yes, but only because he's rocking a dark visor

Timo Riske 3:05 PM
That Josh Allen interception might be the wildest interception of the year and it wasn't even Allen's fault. Johnson just snagged it of Tyler Kroft's hands, and Kroft committed OPI anyway…

Timo Riske 3:07 PM
The same play as the Allen interception just happened in Atlanta. And since it's Atlanta, it was of course ruled as a TD for the Bears.

Steve Palazzolo 3:09 PM
Nice anticipation by Dwayne Haskins on the TD pass to Dontrelle Inman

Austin Gayle 3:10 PM
Dude, Justin Jefferson coming out party.

Ben Brown 3:10 PM
Justin Jefferson big-time breakout game

Timo Riske 3:13 PM
The Bills just had a 75-yard punt…They punted at their own 20 and the Rams start at their own 3 now

George 3:14 PM
Joseph. Burrow. My man

Timo Riske 3:14 PM
I hardly saw anything from the Bears offense. Was Trubisky that bad? I mean, yeah, only 10 points against the Falcons defense sounds very bad?

Steve Palazzolo 3:19 PM
Wentz, yuck. Another INT

George 3:19 PM

Austin Gayle 3:20 PM
Tell me why they shouldn't start Jalen Hurts if they lose this game.

Timo Riske 3:21 PM
Interceptions aside, Wentz has 4.1 net yards per dropback. That's abysmal.

Ben Linsey 3:28 PM
Haskins racking up the TWPs this week

Austin Gayle 3:29 PM
Dwayne Haskins and Carson Wentz off to disastrous starts this season.

Sam Monson 3:30 PM
Haskins takes 2 attempts to make any good play, and each one is offset by a hideous turnover. I'm all for Alex Smith coming in just for the comeback story — the second he steps foot on the field they should hand him Comeback Player of the Year.

Sam Monson 3:33 PM
The Browns have 21 points from Haskins' three turnovers…

Steve Palazzolo 3:35 PM
Wentz might have the yips…

Seth Galina 3:37 PM
It feels like Haskins loses so much touch because of his sidearm delivery, although he can absolutely laser balls in because of it.

Sam Monson 3:38 PM
Vikings are averaging 7 yards a carry and still losing.

George 3:38 PM

Seth Galina 3:38 PM
Texans starting at 0-3. Who could have predicted this?

Ian Hartitz 3:39 PM
Miles Sanders 50-plus-yard receiving TD … overthrown by Wentz

George 3:39 PM
Who is worse, Haskins or Wentz?

Timo Riske 3:39 PM
We aren't talking enough about the fact that the Bills are about to blow a 28-3 lead…

Mike Renner 3:40 PM
If momentum isn’t real explain this Bills Rams game

George 3:41 PM
…Sean McVay

Timo Riske 3:42 PM
The Rams scored 29 unanswered points within 15 minutes of game time

Anthony Treash 3:44 PM
What a seed from Nick Foles. Clutch.

Anthony Treash 3:46 PM
…and a second great throw that Chicago's receivers couldn't haul in in the end zone.

Timo Riske 3:49 PM
Very good challenge by McVay in this situation. It would have been second-and-10 on a do-or-die drive, and now it's second-and-22, as Allen's knee was down before he threw it away.

Sam Monson 3:52 PM
Steelers going for it on fourth-and-1 to get closer to killing the game, and passing to do it. Ravens causing an arms race of smart things in the AFC North?

Timo Riske 3:59 PM
Josh Allen just committed a facemask penalty while stiff-arming pass-rushers. Wild play…but it's insane how three rushers met at him and couldn't get him down.

Timo Riske 4:02 PM
DPI on fourth-and-9. Oh boy.

George 4:04 PM
That looked like a very bad call…

Timo Riske 4:04 PM
The Rams let the Bills convert third-and-22 and third-and-25 on that drive. They have to blame themselves for losing this game. But that DPI looked weak, nevertheless.

Editor's note: All of PFF's grades and advanced stats from this game will be finalized and made available to ELITE subscribers within 24 hours of the final whistle.

George 4:12 PM

Austin Gayle 4:19 PM
Does Mitch Trubisky play another snap this season?

Sam Monson 4:19 PM
Atlanta has to move here!

George 4:27 PM
I feel bad for San Quinn, but man, I think this is probably it.

Sam Monson 4:29 PM
I don't think Foles is even going to grade well. They just threw it away…

Timo Riske 4:30 PM
My hot take is that Ryan's 2016 season killed his career. He and Shanahan bought this coaching staff four years.

Austin Gayle 4:39 PM
Biggest surprise through the 1 p.m. slate?

George 4:48 PM
Not the Falcons. Justin Jefferson showing up BIG.

Austin Gayle 4:49 PM
Miles Sanders, the chalk play of the week, underwhelming against a bad Bengals defense was tough to see.

Ian Hartitz 4:51 PM
Will Joe Mixon score a TD in 2020? My column:

Austin Gayle 4:51 PM
The Patriots winning with ease against LV with Cam Newton finishing under 30 yards rushing was also surprising.

George 4:51 PM
IT WASNT ACTUALLY. I told you all.

Ben Linsey 4:51 PM
The Giants offense not being able to do anything at all against SF with all their injuries.

George 5:11 PM
Oh, lord. DK, what is you doin baby?

Ben Linsey 5:12 PM
Trevon Diggs able to make up for getting toasted on that play

George 5:12 PM
That was such a dime. My lord.

George 5:14 PM
Kyler bro wut

Sam Monson 5:36 PM
Jeffrey Okudah wrecked by GB Week 1, just victimized by Kyler in the open field there … NFL ain't the Big 10.

Austin Gayle 5:41 PM
Trevon Diggs has been an absolute disaster today.

Sam Monson 5:41 PM
He forced a fumble, ergo great young CB

Anthony Treash 5:42 PM
I think that might be the best play of the day

Austin Gayle 5:42 PM
He looks really stiff on every rep.

Anthony Treash 5:42 PM
I will agree that outside of that fumble, it hasn't been hot.

Austin Gayle 6:17 PM
The Jets are well on their way to Trevor Lawrence. Might be a clean house situation in NY.

Sam Monson 6:19 PM
What team takes on the Darnold reclamation project?

Austin Gayle 6:20 PM
That's a good question. Maybe Washington?

Timo Riske 6:21 PM
The Colts if Rivers retires might give it a chance. Just like the Steelers…

Steve Palazzolo 6:22 PM
Mariota vs. Darnold dueling reclamation projects…vs. Jameis

George 6:23 PM
Darnold gonna back up Taysom

Sam Monson 6:24 PM
Darnold to PIT would be very interesting

Austin Gayle 6:25 PM
Ooh, I like that.

Anthony Treash 6:31 PM
here's a thought — what if Atlanta trades Matt Ryan and gives up on 2020 altogether?

Steve Palazzolo 6:31 PM
now that's interesting, and rare.

George 6:31 PM
trade him to whomst?

Anthony Treash 6:31 PM
give him to a team like Chicago who goes from a fake 3-0 team to a legit contender

Steve Palazzolo 6:31 PM
was anyone expecting a good season from Darnold with who he's throwing to?

Sam Monson 6:46 PM
Tom Brady just chased down by an NT. Hasn't lost a thing

Ian Hartitz 6:47 PM
Herbert v dope TD to Keenan. going to look nice on the ole all-22

Eric Eager 6:47 PM
good to finally see Golladay out there

George 6:48 PM
Zeke, man. That's drop no. 4!

Eric Eager 6:49 PM
Lions just singled up Kerryon on an NT…

Sam Monson 6:54 PM
Dallas scores and kicks to go down 8. Why no 2-point try this time?

Eric Eager 7:17 PM
Detroit, Atlanta and Philly are the kind of teams that has to win the game twice for it to actually count.

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