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2020 NFL Draft: The high-end and low-end potential for the later-round quarterbacks

There’s bound to be a quarterback taken later in the 2020 NFL Draft who surprises and carves out at least a decent career. Most of these players haven’t shown the play-to-play consistency to expect an NFL team to live with them as their signal-caller on a week-to-week basis. But they've all shown top-end traits, and if that guy shows up to camp some NFL team is getting a late steal. I took a look at what the high-end and low-end versions of Jake Fromm, Anthony Gordon and Jalen Hurts look like. 

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Jake Fromm

You can read my full thoughts on Jake Fromm here, but the short version is that he understands the quarterback position perhaps better than anyone else in this class. His limitations are well-known, as he’s just not the athlete the NFL covets at quarterback. But in terms of being able sit in the pocket and manipulate defenders to his liking, there’s none better.

The story of Fromm is that of a career of what ifs — he’s two Alabama miracles away from potentially being a two-time National Champion. He graded spectacularly in his career until the South Carolina game in the middle of 2019, and then Fromm stopped being able to hit open receivers. In fact, almost a third of his passes were inaccurate from that point in the season on. People will point to Fromm losing a bunch of playmakers after the 2018 season, but not being able to hit open receivers is on him and not the playmakers. Still, if you can get the Fromm from 2018 until the middle of the 2019 season, he could be the sleeper pick of the draft. He’s that intelligent.      

High-end Fromm:

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