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NFL Week 2 live reactions and analysis: Reacting to the Week 2 injuries, the New York Jets' woes, Minshew Mania and more

Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season got off without a hitch, and after that first taste of NFL action, PFF's team of analysts couldn't wait for Week 2 to get underway.

While the injuries early in the day might have dampened spirits a bit, our guys still had plenty of takeaways to share as the Sunday slate went on. Here's how things went down at PFF HQ on the second Sunday of NFL action.

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Austin Gayle 12:51 PM

George 12:54 PM
My body. It is ready

Sam Monson 1:05 PM
What are you guys most interested in for Week 2? I'm all about seeing if G.O.A.T. Aaron Rodgers is actually back or if that's just what you look like when you play the Vikings defense in 2020. Definitely one of the games I'm keeping the most attention on. Vikings/Colts kinda gives the same answer in a different game.

George 1:09 PM
I told you all, Mostert 2K. It cometh.

Sam Monson 1:09 PM
An 80-yard TD every week will certainly help

Ian Hartitz 1:10 PM
If you gave every TE in the league the same QB and workload, Jonnu Smith finishes top-5 in production

George 1:12 PM
Jonnu Szn

Timo Riske 1:12 PM
Teddy Bridgewater just threw an ugly pick in the red zone. It looked like bad timing and bad placement on a screen concept. Up to that point, the Panthers offense looked pretty good against the Bucs defense.

George 1:12 PM
Trubsiky! Is he taking the next step?!

Seth Galina 1:12 PM
My favorite thing about Goff is that he has so much trust/confidence in whatever McVay calls that it allows him to play faster than he normally would.

Ben Brown 1:14 PM
David Montgomery looked fully recovered from his groin injury on that 28-yard receiving touchdown. Bears looked solid offensively in the fourth quarter last week, and that seems to have carried over to start Week 2.

Seth Galina 1:14 PM
The Jets' all-white kits are kinda clean. Bad team, good jerseys.

Ben Brown 1:17 PM
Parris Campbell's injury does not look good.

Timo Riske 1:19 PM
Mike Evans in open space trying to gain yards after the catch looks like Nathan Peterman at the top of his drop searching for an open receiver

Austin Gayle 1:19 PM
Will Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones finish top-10 in fantasy this season?

George 1:20 PM
Yes. Trubisky…wow

Kevin Cole 1:22 PM
Trubisky 4-of-5, 62 yards and a TD. One miss was a dropped dime to Anthony Miller that would have been a 16-yard TD

Sam Monson 1:23 PM
If Trubisky is anything north of below average, the Bears are a lot better than people were expecting them to be this year.

Timo Riske 1:24 PM
That Ridley TD is almost a 1:1 copy of what Julio did against the Bucs three years ago. Catching it near the left pylon, staying barely in bounds and leaping for the pylon while falling down

Anthony Treash 1:24 PM
My heart is broken

Austin Gayle 1:25 PM
Parris Campbell and Nick Bosa are leaving the field on a cart already. YIKES.

Sam Monson 1:26 PM
Very on-brand for 2020. The NFL is going to survive COVID, but every good player in the league is gonna get injured.

George 1:26 PM
MY SEASON IS OVER.  Trevor Lawrence will look good in red and gold.

Nathan Jahnke 1:27 PM
To be fair, thanks to the lack of preseason, so far we've had fewer injuries than we typically have at this point of the season…

Ian Hartitz 1:27 PM
The Cowboys have put the ball on the ground four times in fewer than 6 minutes.

Timo Riske 1:27 PM
Second drive, second turnover by Teddy. The spirit of Jameis lives on in Raymond James Stadium.

Sam Monson 1:30 PM
Every time Tom Brady has been 0-1 in his career, he has played in that season's Super Bowl.

Timo Riske 1:31 PM
Washed-o-meter in Tampa: Brady has already thrown three absolute dimes, one of which was dropped, another one for a TD to Mike Evans. He looks good so far.

Ben Linsey 1:33 PM
If the NFC East wasn't so bad, I would say the Cowboys are in trouble

Timo Riske 1:33 PM
Washington Football Team 2020 NFC East Champions … has a nice ring to it

Austin Gayle 1:35 PM
Gardner Minshew isn't a two-score ‘dog, I'm sorry.

Sam Monson 1:35 PM
Minshew was born a 7-point dog

Seth Galina 1:36 PM
A linebacking group of Austin, Timo and Sam might be faster than whoever the jets have out there

Ben Brown 1:36 PM
Mostert just had a 67-yard TD run nullified by a penalty. If that play stands, he would be at three carries for 147 yards and 2 TDs.

George 1:36 PM

Kevin Cole 1:37 PM
13 of 16 (11 carries, two recs) touches on the first Colts' drive go to Jonathan Taylor before the Rivers INT on the goal line. Buy “high” window closed. Should be valued like a top-five RB going forward.

Ben Brown 1:37 PM
Its alright, George, PFF still grades every play, even those nullified by a penalty.

George 1:37 PM
That won't help my fantasy teams. Saquon. NO!

Timo Riske 1:38 PM
What about a hot fantasy league based on PFF grades?

Sam Monson 1:38 PM
We have been trying to get that off the ground for a decade!

George 1:39 PM
So … the Eagles might be bad

Kevin Cole 1:40 PM
Cowboys stop the Falcons on third down and maybe save this game (and the season). They're still down 17-0 with 4 minutes left in the first quarter.

Sam Monson 1:40 PM
If you're gonna fake a punt, you should probably make sure the Punter can throw it as far as the gunner on fourth-and-3. I understand why you wouldn't, on the basis that's a throw a six-year-old can make, but still…

Austin Gayle 1:41 PM
The injuries have been brutal today. Nick Bosa, Parris Campbell and Saquon Barkley all down. Drew Lock also went to the locker room.

Sam Monson 1:42 PM
Barkley's been down twice in like 5 mins … 2020 is coming after him

George 1:42 PM
They should have just gone for it normally, Sam.

Ian Hartitz 1:43 PM
Jason Garrett is going to give Dion Lewis 20 touches per game.

Eric Eager 1:45 PM
This is the most un-Falcons game I've seen since the 2016 NFC Championship Game.

Ben Linsey 1:49 PM
How many players would SF need to have injured to lose to the Jets?

George 1:49 PM
The limit does not exist

Timo Riske 1:51 PM
Not sure if Shanahan's brain counts as a player

Seth Galina 1:58 PM
How many PFF analysts does it take to beat the Jets?

Timo Riske 2:06 PM
Flea flicker alarm in Tampa. But Brady underthrows Watson. Could have gone for 6, I think.

Timo Riske 2:07 PM
Kirk Cousins with another safety. Now on pace for 16 on the season

Sam Monson 2:08 PM
Davante Adams is putting Jeffrey Okudah in a blender in his debut.

Austin Gayle 2:11 PM
It's bad. Definitely a “Welcome to the NFL” game for Okudah.

Sam Monson 2:12 PM
Chase Claypool had that sick sideline catch Week 1, now a bomb down the sideline for a TD in week 2. The Steelers' ability to draft WRs is crazy

Ben Linsey 2:13 PM
Definitely looks like he's going to be the downfield threat in that offense

Ian Hartitz 2:16 PM
I can't say I watched every snap Claypool played at ND, but I never got the “he's a tight end” idea.

Andrew Erickson 2:16 PM
Falcons' last red-zone possession — Todd Gurley was nowhere to be found. Ito Smith and Brian Hill are out there, though.

Austin Gayle 2:17 PM
Calvin Ridley is legit.

Andrew Erickson 2:18 PM
He's the reason Julio never finds the end zone

George 2:19 PM
Everyone hates Julio, including his QB.

Ben Brown 2:22 PM
Kirk Cousins has quickly turned into the worst QB in the NFC North…

Sam Monson 2:22 PM
Minshew has that Chad Pennington deep pass. It's just in the air so early; he drops it into a bucket with accuracy and anticipation, and it never matters that he can't throw it 65 yards.

Ben Linsey 2:27 PM
Courtland Sutton cleaned up the drops last year, but that was a big one leading to the Haden interception. Put the Steelers in a position to add another score before the half.

Austin Gayle 2:30 PM
Thoughts on Minnesota ~1.5 games? The defense is just awful; the secondary is so young.

Ben Brown 2:33 PM
The Vikings are in a tough spot if they need to rely fully on Kirk Cousins to win ball games. It seems fairly clear he has not been able to do that throughout his career. The defense is much worse, and the skill position players around him are also worse than last season. It is going to be a long season in Minnesota.

They will probably win a few meaningless games to fall out of the college QB sweepstakes, finishing with a record that locks them into the seventh overall pick. Stuck in quarterback purgatory…

Sam Monson 2:34 PM
Is anyone close to the Jets game? If you've got your cleats, you might be able to get a game for them at WR for the second half

Andrew Erickson 2:34 PM
At the half: J. Taylor has 18 carries, two receptions. Nyheim Hines has one catch, zero carries.

Ben Brown 2:35 PM
It seems the loss of Kevin Stefanski for the Vikings could be another underlying issue with the current state of their offense.

Sam Monson 2:36 PM
I think the steady erosion of talent has become the underlying issue. They've been sloughing off talent since 2017, and it's finally reached the tipping point.

Andrew Erickson 2:36 PM
Jets FEEDING Frank Gore. He's on pace for 30 carries — he has 17 so far.

Sam Monson 2:38 PM
Nick Mullens Szn

Mike Renner 2:39 PM
Giving Frank Gore 30 carries would be the most egregious evidence of tanking I've ever seen.

Mike Renner 2:40 PM
Someone talk me out of ordering a Papadia

Austin Gayle 2:40 PM
I can't.

Sam Monson 2:40 PM
I won't.

Ben Brown 2:43 PM
49ers convert the third-and-31 on a run play to Jerick McKinnon. You hate to see it from an analytics perspective.

Sam Monson 2:43 PM
That's the Jets for you

Mike Renner 2:44 PM
Hey, Quinnen Williams did a thing!

George 2:44 PM
Kyle Shannahan is so good at coaching he could beat Adam Gase with the PFF flag team

Steve Palazzolo 2:47 PM
Brady trying to get Gronk involved with their staple “over” route, and he sailed it under pressure for the INT

Steve Palazzolo 2:52 PM
Aaron Rodgers has yet to be sacked this year

Ian Hartitz 2:55 PM
James Robinson is better than Fournette ever was. MY COLUMN:

Austin Gayle 2:59 PM
Aaron Jones is one of the better pass-catching backs in the NFL. He's got legit hands.

Ian Hartitz 3:00 PM
The one game they used him more than six snaps in the slot or out wide was when he went like 7-159-2 against Kansas City

Austin Gayle 3:03 PM
It really does take a village to bring down the LOG CABIN that is Derrick Henry.

Sam Monson 3:04 PM
A village to bring down a log cabin? What kind of glitch just happened in the metaphor center in your brain?

Austin Gayle 3:04 PM
I can't see or type. Ryan Tannehill can't miss right now…I think he finishes in the top 15 in PFF grade this season. Maybe even in the top 10.

Andrew Erickson 3:07 PM
Kirk Cousins…currently sitting at -3.64 fantasy points

Timo Riske 3:12 PM
JULIOOOOOOOO what the heck?

Austin Gayle 3:12 PM
That Julio drop was BRUTAL.

Sam Monson 3:13 PM
WR on WR crime

Timo Riske 3:13 PM
The Panthers are down 14, late in the third quarter at their own 10-yard line, and they hand the ball off to Christian McCaffrey for a 1-yard loss. Why?

Steve Palazzolo 3:14 PM
It got very windy there

Ian Hartitz 3:14 PM
Russell Gage better be the highest-graded passer in Week 2

George 3:24 PM
Is Jeff Driskell better than Drew Lock? My column:

Eric Eager 3:24 PM
Philly settles for another field goal. Drink.

Andrew Erickson 3:25 PM
I have no confidence in Wentz making plays off-script right now.

Anthony Treash 3:25 PM
I have no confidence in Wentz in general

Austin Gayle 3:30 PM
Trevon Diggs has been bailed out by a Julio drop and underthrown ball to Ridley. He's been getting TOASTED. But there's a duel between the two of the best QBs in the NFL with Minshew and Tannehill going at it.

Steve Palazzolo 3:33 PM
Minshew wheel-route dime

Austin Gayle 3:34 PM
Under pressure, too. What a decision/toss.

Anthony Treash 3:35 PM
I think it’s time we start recognizing the man as a franchise QB

Anthony Treash 3:44 PM
May not say this again in my life, but Bobby Massie just saved Chicago.

Sam Monson 3:44 PM
…with a first down catch!

Kevin Cole 3:45 PM
Is it too early to speculate about when/if we see Jalen Hurts? They play the Bengals next week. If they lose that game, I wonder.

Timo Riske 3:46 PM
I doubt the Eagles would do that so early, but health seems like the least of Wentz's concerns right now.

Sam Monson 3:52 PM
What is Dallas doing? Another fake punt fail…

Ian Hartitz 3:55 PM
Jeff Driskel trying to drag Denver to this cover!!

George 3:56 PM
Why does Herndon exist just to torment me?

Timo Riske 3:56 PM
Titans have to choose between a 50-yard FG and a fourth-down attempt now. They can't kick the FG, can they?

Ben Brown 3:56 PM
Minshew Mania time

Eric Eager 3:57 PM
Miami got the ball back after missing a fourth down? oh.

Ian Hartitz 3:57 PM
Braxton Berrios is at 6-59-1 and Gase can't get his generational TE over 10 yards.

Timo Riske 3:57 PM
They really kicked the FG and Gostkowski nails it. A wrong decision nevertheless, in my opinion.

Mike Renner 3:58 PM
Gostkowski only hits game-winners.

Timo Riske 3:58 PM
He has the clutch gene. This was a short game-winning drive attempt from Minshew. Titans are 2-0, in position for a 9-7 finish.

Sam Monson 4:02 PM
Giants with 8 seconds left in the red zone choose to burn one of the plays to pick up another 4 yards…

Timo Riske 4:13 PM
This says more about the Falcons defense than it does about the Cowboys, though.

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Steve Palazzolo 4:27 PM
Justin Herbert is playing football!

George 4:28 PM
What would the line have been?

Timo Riske 4:31 PM
What the Falcons? The Cowboys will be conservative in “field goal range” and miss it, right?

Andrew Erickson 4:36 PM
Falcons gonna Falcon

Kevin Cole 4:36 PM
Cowboys were a little too satisfied to take a 46-yarder here, but it worked.

Timo Riske 4:36 PM
I hate it when kickers bail out coaches. Congratulations to the Cowboys, nevertheless.

Seth Galina 5:02 PM
Andy Reid's mind is limitless. They ran like fake counter run play to Tyreek and then he leaked out for a screen. What am I even watching? It didn't work but the design is cool.

Timo Riske 5:04 PM
I admire you for appreciating an offense that started the game with three consecutive punts.

Mike Renner 5:06 PM
Romo calls Herbert special then Herbert spikes one

George 5:08 PM
Haskins not mobile

Timo Riske 5:10 PM
Anthony Lynn has already punted twice on fourth-and-2 near midfield. That's not how you win against the Chiefs offense.

Seth Galina 5:11 PM
At least Herbert seems to be making the right decisions, but the accuracy troubles have come with him from Eugene.

Eric Eager 5:35 PM
Herbert has looked surprisingly ok so far

Sam Monson 5:36 PM
That touchdown was legit. He beat a CB to a spot in the EZ who was looking for that throw. That's a big-boy NFL pass.

George 5:37 PM
I am so mad we didn't know about this. Tyrod was the perfect QB to go against. Zero chance of anything explosive.

Mike Renner 5:43 PM
Mahomes keeps drifting backward in pockets

Steve Palazzolo 5:43 PM
Chargers D has Chiefs looking out of sync offensively … for now

Mike Renner 5:43 PM
Seeing ghosts!

Steve Palazzolo 5:44 PM
He did just turn 25 He's getting old

George 5:45 PM
Maybe Mahomes isn't good anymore because he doesn't have the chip on his shoulder after winning the SB…(that's a joke btw)

Timo Riske 5:46 PM
Is it real or noise? Chiefs passing offense since Mahomes took the starting job:
Against the Chargers 0.10 EPA/play
Against anyone else: 0.25 EPA/play

Steve Palazzolo 5:50 PM
Blitzing hail mary situations >>>>

Mike Renner 6:18 PM
That throw to Allen was nuts

Eric Eager 6:28 PM
It looks like Mahomes is dropping too deep

Timo Riske 6:38 PM
I think Herbert wants to have that throw back. Horrible decision, as he already had the first down secured on the ground

Mike Renner 6:38 PM
Herbert giving the full experience

George 6:39 PM
He doesn’t have anything to worry about it with such a terrible offense on the other side.

Sam Monson 6:51 PM
Gotta get the score back to 14 points when you're down 17 with 8 mins to go. Got to.

George 6:51 PM
BOB canceled

Sam Monson 6:51 PM
(I do not mean this)

George 6:51 PM
Mahomes is not human

Eric Eager 6:53 PM
The 2PAT throw was even crazier than the TD. It was like his fourth TD in Houston

George 7:04 PM
Herbert cannot be stopped

Sam Monson 7:04 PM
This is setting up for the Chargers to score too early

Mike Renner 7:46 PM
3 +1.5s for Butker

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