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2024 Day 3 NFL Mock Draft: Patriots select WR Troy Franklin, QB Spencer Rattler lands with the Giants

2TBF7RM Oregon Ducks wide receiver Troy Franklin (11) runs a route during the Pac-12 Championship NCAA college football game against Washington, Friday, Dec. 1 2023 in Las Vegas. (Ric Tapia via AP)

• The New York Giants select QB Spencer Rattler after all: Rattler has a mature game, with sound fundamentals and pocket presence, as well as good accuracy in and out of structure.

• The Los Angeles Rams draft Joe Milton III as a developmental prospect: Milton has NFL-level tools but lacks the processing, instincts and accuracy to be considered a potential starter.

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There’s just one day left in the 2024 NFL Draft, but before we flip mock drafts over to the 2025 cycle, there’s time for just one more 2024 mock draft — just for all the sickos out there.

With PFF’s mock draft simulator pre-filled with the picks made over the last two days, I ran the simulator to get a look at what could happen for all 32 teams on Day 3 of the draft.

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Round 4

101) Carolina Panthers: TE Ja’Tavion Sanders, Texas

102) Seattle Seahawks: S Jaden Hicks, Washington State

103) New England Patriots: WR Troy Franklin, Oregon

104) Arizona Cardinals: WR Devontez Walker, North Carolina

105) Los Angeles Chargers: HB Jaylen Wright, Tennessee

106) Tennessee Titans: WR Javon Baker, UCF

107) New York Giants: QB Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

108) Minnesota Vikings: CB T.J. Tampa, Iowa State

109) Atlanta Falcons: EDGE Austin Booker, Kansas

110) New England Patriots: CB Khyree Jackson, Oregon

111) New York Jets: HB Bucky Irving, Oregon

112) Las Vegas Raiders: WR Johnny Wilson, Florida State

113) Baltimore Ravens: G Mason McCormick, South Dakota State

114) Jacksonville Jaguars: EDGE Javon Solomon, Troy

115) Cincinnati Bengals: EDGE Xavier Thomas, Clemson

116) Jacksonville Jaguars: DI Brandon Dorlus, Oregon

117) Indianapolis Colts: CB Caelen Carson, Wake Forest

118) Seattle Seahawks: LB Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Clemson

119) Pittsburgh Steelers: HB Ray Davis, Kentucky

120) Philadelphia Eagles: C Sedrick Van Pran, Georgia

121) Denver Broncos: TE Cade Stover, Ohio State

122) Chicago Bears: WR Malik Washington, Virginia

123) Philadelphia Eagles: QB Michael Pratt, Tulane

124) San Francisco 49ers: TE Erick All, Iowa

125) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: S Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, Texas A&M

126) Green Bay Packers: G Christian Mahogany, Boston College

127) Houston Texans: WR Jacob Cowing, Arizona

128) Buffalo Bills: TE Jared Wiley, TCU

129) New York Jets: S Sione Vaki, Utah

130) Baltimore Ravens: WR Jamari Thrash, Louisville

131) Kansas City Chiefs: C Hunter Nourzad, Penn State

132) Philadelphia Eagles: HB Blake Watson, Memphis

133) Kansas City Chiefs: WR Ainias Smith, Texas A&M

134) New York Jets: WR Brenden Rice, USC

135) San Francisco 49ers: G Trevor Keegan

Round 5

136) Denver Broncos: CB Kris Abrams-Draine, Missouri

137) Los Angeles Chargers: HB Isaiah Davis, South Dakota State

138) Arizona Cardinals: EDGE Brennan Jackson, Washington State

139) Washington Commanders: HB Tyrone Tracy, Purdue

140) Los Angeles Chargers: LB Tommy Eichenberg, Ohio State

141) Buffalo Bills: WR Tahj Washington, USC

142) Indianapolis Colts: CB Jarvis Brownlee Jr., Louisville

143) Atlanta Falcons: HB Audric Estime, Notre Dame

144) Buffalo Bills: CB Chau Smith-Wade, Washington State

145) Denver Broncos: HB Braelon Allen: Wisconsin

146) Tennessee Titans: DI Mekhi Wingo, LSU

147) Denver Broncos: C Tanor Bortolini, Wisconsin

148) Las Vegas Raiders: RB Will Shipley, Clemson

149) Cincinnati Bengals: LB Jordan Magee, Temple

150) New Orleans Saints: EDGE Gabriel Murphy, UCLA

151) Indianapolis Colts: TE Theo Johnson, Penn State

152) Philadelphia Eagles: CB Myles Harden, South Dakota

153) Jacksonville Jaguars: EDGE Mohamed Kamara, Colorado State

154) Los Angeles Rams: OT Christian Jones, Texas

155) Indianapolis Colts: S Malik Mustapha, Wake Forest

156) Cleveland Browns: WR Isaiah Williams, Illinois

157) Carolina Panthers: DI Leonard Williams, Miami

158) Miami Dolphins: TE Jaheim Bell, Florida State

159) Kansas City Chiefs: WR Jha'Quan Jackson, Tulane

160) Buffalo Bills: DI Tyler Davis, Clemson

161) Washington Commanders: QB Jordan Travis, Florida State

162) Arizona Cardinals: WR Cornelius Johnson, Michigan

163) Buffalo Bills: WR Jalen Coker, Holy Cross

164) Detroit Lions: CB Cam Hart, Notre Dame

165) Baltimore Ravens: S Kitan Oladapo, Oregon State

166) New York Giants: LB Cedric Gray, North Carolina

167) Jacksonville Jaguars: EDGE Braiden McGregor, Michigan

168) Green Bay Packers: OT Walter Rouse, Oklahoma

169) Green Bay Packers: HB Jaden Shirden, Monmouth

170) New Orleans Saints: WR Jordan Whittington, Texas

171) Philadelphia Eagles: TE Dallin Holker, Colorado State

172) Philadelphia Eagles: CB D.J. James, Auburn

173) San Francisco 49ers: CB Decamerion Richardson, Mississippi State

174) Dallas Cowboys: WR Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, Georgia

175) New Orleans Saints: EDGE Javontae Jean-Baptiste, Notre Dame

176) San Francisco 49ers: OT Javon Foster, Missouri

Round 6

177) Minnesota Vikings: LB JD Bertrand, Notre Dame

178) Pittsburgh Steelers: WR Anthony Gould, Oregon State

179) Seattle Seahawks: CB Kamal Hadden, Tennessee

180) New England Patriots: C Beaux Limmer, Arkansas

181) Los Angeles Chargers: LB Darius Muasau, UCLA

182) Tennessee Titans: CB Kalen King, Penn State

183) New York Giants: EDGE Nelson Ceaser, Houston

184) Miami Dolphins: EDGE Myles Cole, Texas Tech

185) New York Jets: WR Tayvion Robinson, Kentucky

186) Atlanta Falcons: CB Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn

187) Atlanta Falcons: EDGE Grayson Murphy, UCLA

188) Houston Texans: LB Steele Chambers, Ohio State

189) Houston Texans: OT KT Leveston, Kansas State

190) Green Bay Packers: DI Logan Lee, Iowa

191) Arizona Cardinals: HB Cody Schrader, Missouri

192) Seattle Seahawks: S Josh Proctor, Ohio State

193) New England Patriots: EDGE Jaylen Harrell, Michigan

194) Cincinnati Bengals: CB Josh Newton, TCU

195) Pittsburgh Steelers: HB Kimani Vidal, Troy

196) Los Angeles Rams: CB Johnny Dixon, Penn State

197) Atlanta Falcons: EDGE Justin Eboigbe, Alabama

198) Miami Dolphins: S Beau Brade, Maryland

199) New Orleans Saints: DI Keith Randolph Jr., Illinois

200) Carolina Panthers: HB Isaac Guerendo, Louisville

201) Detroit Lions: LB Michael Barrett, Michigan

202) Green Bay Packers: S Trey Taylor, Air Force

203) Minnesota Vikings: G Javion Cohen, Miami

204) Buffalo Bills: S Dominique Hampton, Washington

205) Detroit Lions: CB Dwight McGlothern, Arkansas

206) Cleveland Browns: HB Rasheen Ali, Marshall

207) Denver Broncos: LB Curtis Jacobs, Penn State

208) Las Vegas Raiders: DI Myles Murphy, North Carolina

209) Los Angeles Rams: QB Joe Milton III, Tennessee

210) Philadelphia Eagles: HB Jase McClellan, Alabama

211) Kansas City Chiefs: HB Dylan Laube, New Hampshire

212) Jacksonville Jaguars: EDGE Cedric Johnson, Ole Miss

213) Los Angeles Rams: DI Jowon Briggs, Cincinnati

214) Cincinnati Bengals: DI Jordan Jefferson, LSU

215) San Francisco 49ers: DI Gabe Hall, Baylor

216) Dallas Cowboys: HB Dillon Johnson, Washington

217) Los Angeles Rams: S James Williams, Miami Fl.

218) Baltimore Ravens: DI Khristian Boyd, Northern Iowa

219) Green Bay Packers: OT Sataoa Laumea, Utah

220) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: P Tory Taylor, Iowa

Round 7

221) Buffalo Bills: TE A.J. Barner, Michigan

222) Washington Commanders: S Jaylin Simpson, Auburn

223) Las Vegas Raiders: OT Ethan Driskell, Marshall

224) Cincinnati Bengals: OT Jalen Sundell, North Dakota State

225) Los Angeles Chargers: EDGE Jalen Green, James Madison

226) Arizona Cardinals: WR Casey Washington, Illinois

227) Cleveland Browns: DI Jaden Crumedy, Mississippi State

228) Baltimore Ravens: HB Frank Gore Jr., Southern Miss

229) Las Vegas Raiders: HB Carson Steele, UCLA

230) Minnesota Vikings: QB Austin Reed, Western Kentucky

231) New England Patriots: WR Joshua Cephus, UTSA

232) Minnesota Vikings: S Tyler Owens, Texas Tech

233) Dallas Cowboys: DI Justin Rogers, Auburn

234) Indianapolis Colts: WR Bub Means, Pittsburgh

235) Seattle Seahawks: LB Nathaniel Watson, Mississippi State

236) Jacksonville Jaguars: CB M.J. Devonshire, Pittsburgh

237) Cincinnati Bengals: OT Nathan Thomas, Louisiana

238) Houston Texans: DI Marcus Harris, Auburn

239) New Orleans Saints: EDGE Eyabi Okie-Anoma, Charlotte

240) Carolina Panthers: HB Emani Bailey, TCU

241) Miami Dolphins: EDGE Solomon Byrd, USC

242) Tennessee Titans: TE Tanner McLachlan, Arizona

243) Cleveland Browns: DI Fabien Lovett, Florida State

244) Dallas Cowboys: OT Frank Crum, Wyoming

245) Green Bay Packers: LB Jaylan Ford, Texas

246) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Ryan Watts, Texas

247) Houston Texans: CB Tarheeb Still, Maryland

248) Kansas City Chiefs: WR Lideatrick Griffin, Mississippi State

249) Detroit Lions: OT Donovan Jennings, USF

250) Baltimore Ravens: LB Edefuan Ulofoshio, Washington

251) San Francisco 49ers: QB Devin Leary, Kentucky

252) Tennessee Titans: CB Daequan Hardy, Penn State

253) Los Angeles Chargers: K Will Reichard, Alabama

254) Los Angeles Rams: EDGE David Ugwoegbu, Houston

255) Green Bay Packers: OT Trente Jones, Michigan

256) Denver Broncos: EDGE Eric Watts, Connecticut

257) New York Jets: QB Carter Bradley, South Alabama

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