PFF and CFL enter partnership for 2023 season and beyond

Cincinnati, OH — PFF and the Canadian Football League (CFL) have entered into a strategic partnership that will bring industry-leading data, tools and analysis to all nine CFL franchises.  

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations, as PFF's cutting-edge analysis and expertise are set to revolutionize the CFL's approach to player evaluation and game planning. 

As part of this alliance, all CFL teams will gain exclusive access to PFF's comprehensive database, giving them unparalleled insights into player performance to help them make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge on the field.

PFF will also contribute engaging content directly to the CFL fanbase, further enhancing the league's coverage and fan experience. Fans can look forward to a range of exciting pieces from PFF, including “Team of the Week,” highlighting standout performers and game-changing contributors from each week of CFL action. PFF will also provide expert rankings and analysis, such as QB rankings, to captivate fans and fuel their love for the game.


Headquartered in Cincinnati, PFF was launched in 2007 and gained majority interest from former NFL player and award-winning broadcaster Cris Collinsworth in 2014.

Over the last 17 years, PFF has built the world’s most comprehensive football database, covering every player on every play of every game for the NFL, FBS and FCS. Its data and tools are trusted by all 32 NFL teams, 131 FBS teams, 47 FCS teams and professional leagues such as the CFL, USFL and XFL. TV networks, player agencies and video game companies also use PFF’s services.


The CFL (Canadian Football League) is a professional football league in Canada. The league was founded in 1958 from a merger between the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union and the Western Interprovincial Football Union. It has a 21-week regular season that begins in June. The championship game, the Grey Cup, occurs in November.

A CFL football field is 110 by 65 yards, and the goalposts stand at the front of the end zone. Each team is allowed to field 12 players on each side of the ball as opposed to the 11 players fielded by NFL teams. 

The CFL gives teams three downs compared to the NFL’s four. And during a punt, the receiving team must attempt a play, meaning fair catches are not allowed. 

One of the most significant differences between the NFL and the CFL is that the CFL allows every player behind the line of scrimmage to start moving before the snap.

The 2023 CFL season will begin on Thursday, June 8.


The collaboration between the CFL and PFF will mirror the system used by American football clients. PFF’s highly trained staff will analyze and grade every game, player and play, giving the CFL’s coaches, general managers and scouts the opportunity to use the data to make better-informed decisions and improve efficiency.

With over 200 unique data points on every play,  PFF acts as a standardized quality control department for the entire league. Additionally, the PFF grading system evaluates player production on every player on every play to provide teams with an unbiased way to compare players to their peers.

Each of the nine CFL clubs has been utilizing PFF to assist with NFL and NCAA player evaluations since early 2022, with the majority using it since 2020. PFF Ultimate allows teams to search for all FBS, FCS and NFL players and filter down to almost any scenario evaluators would want when scouting a player. That, alongside the integration with the club's video systems, saves hours on evaluations of each player. 

With CFL data now available within PFF Ultimate and being collected in-season, the coaching staffs are ready to benefit and build PFF data and tools into their workflows. PFF’s team services group met with each team onsite and did numerous remote meetings to familiarize each staff with the system so they could start to identify efficiencies in their day-to-day work.

Rick Drummond, PFF’s GM of Football, said, “We’ve looked forward to working with the CFL for many years and are very happy to finally make that a reality beginning with the 2023 season. Tailoring PFF’s data systems and tools to the intricacies of the CFL game has made for an enjoyable set of challenges for us, and we can’t wait to put it all into action. We are excited for PFF to become a part of the CFL’s story as they add to their long and successful tradition in the coming years.”

PFF’s Business Development Manager, Josh Wisneski, added, “This league-wide partnership gives all CFL clubs and the league office the same benefits NFL teams and FBS programs have been used to for years. The impact on team operations has been huge, with an NFL front office saying PFF saved 10,000-plus hours during a single year's draft process and coaching staffs consistently mentioning the tens of hours they save every week. As we've seen in the FBS and now with FCS programs, PFF's tools can have an even greater impact with smaller staffs.” 

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this thrilling journey of innovation, collaboration and the pursuit of football excellence.

You can read more about the CFL here.


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