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NFL Week 5: Best spread bets for Sunday's games, including Miami Dolphins -3 at Jets

Tommy Jurgens writes in his Week 5 Top spread picks not to discount the Miami Dolphins -3 at the Jets because of backup QB Teddy Bridgewater, who's an amazing 24-6 ATS on the road in his NFL Career.

by Tommy Jurgens yesterday

NFL Betting 101: Tracking your Bets, Growing your Bankroll

Becoming a profitable bettor requires discipline. PFF contributor Tommy Jurgens explains how tracking bets, establishing a bankroll and unit size, and shopping for the best price are critical stops on the road to profitability.

by Tommy Jurgens 3 days ago

NFL Week 4: Top ATS Picks

The top ATS bets in Week 4 from Tommy Jurgens include an outstanding spot to bet the better team while getting points in Denver +2.5 at the Raiders.

by Tommy Jurgens 7 days ago

NFL Betting 101: Sharp Signs for bettors, Red Flags to Avoid

In the latest chapter of PFF's NFL Betting 101 series, we explain a number of red flags that might indicate a bettor is making a bad wager, and conversely, highlight a few signs that bettors can look for that can help them be profitable over the long haul.

by Tommy Jurgens 9 days ago

NFL Week 3: Top ATS picks

After a 3-1 debut, PFF contributor Tommy Jurgens' top Week 3 ATS picks include Rams -3.5 vs. Cardinals and Bucs -1 vs. Packers.

by Tommy Jurgens 13 days ago

NFL Betting 101: Finding an Edge

In the latest chapter of NFL Betting 101, Tommy Jurgens explains different strategies necessary to be a profitable sports bettor, including bet sizing, hedging and more.

by Tommy Jurgens 17 days ago

Tommy Jurgens' top ATS picks in Week 2

PFF contributor Tommy Jurgens introduces his new ATS projection tool, unearthing five Week 2 values, including Cowboys +7.5 at Bengals, Packers -10 vs. Bears and Cardinals +6 at Raiders.

by Tommy Jurgens 21 days ago