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Why NFL betting models are superior to betting trends

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Examining popular betting trends to explain why they are inferior to data-driven models when betting on NFL football.

by Robert Greer 9 months ago

Why betting early is critical to beating NFL markets

Waiting for a model to update or for an analyst to release picks late in the week can eat away potential value, which is why always-up-to-date models such as PFF’s Greenline are such a powerful tool for bettors. With PFF Greenline, bettors can see where value exists early in the week before market activity sharpens lines.

by Robert Greer 9 months ago

Optimizing spread bets with first-half lines

By selectively betting first-half spreads and shopping books to find the best price, bettors can find better value than betting full-game spreads alone.

by Robert Greer 10 months ago

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