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Coverage Beaters: The top routes used to attack NFL coverages

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Explosive plays are king in the modern NFL, and teams manufacture them with particularly effective routes against certain coverages.

by Diante Lee 4 hours ago

Lee: How the best offenses in the NFL are generating explosive plays

The NFL's best teams overall are also the best at creating explosive plays, as expected. The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were among the top squads to do so last season.

by Diante Lee 5 days ago

Lee: Why don't we see more dime defense in the NFL?

Three of the top five NFL teams in early-down dime usage ranked in the top half in passer rating and yards per attempt allowed last season, giving weight to the personnel's effectiveness as a tool to combat the modern offense.

by Diante Lee 9 days ago

Diagnosing and fixing the Baltimore Ravens passing offense

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PFF takes a look at the finer details of the Ravens' passing offense over the last two years, highlighting areas of improvement and offering suggestions on how to get Lamar Jackson back to MVP status.

by Diante Lee 5 months ago Baltimore Ravens

Lee: Todd Bowles' masterful defensive adjustment played a huge part in Bucs' Super Bowl 55 victory

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Todd Bowles knew that he’d have to adapt in order to beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55. And his schematic counterpunch opened the door for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to secure their second Super Bowl in franchise history.

by Diante Lee 5 months ago

What makes Steve Spagnuolo’s dime Package work so well in the playoffs?

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Steve Spagnuolo’s defense is predicated on creating numbers advantages where needed, as all the best defenses in football are, but he has found his success by leaning into the strengths of his personnel to execute his attacking defense.

by Diante Lee 5 months ago

Multiple and Aggressive: How Brandon Staley will fit the Los Angeles Chargers' personnel into his scheme

Some of the issues in defensive production will be helped by Brandon Staley’s approach to defense and better injury luck in 2021: expect less one-on-one coverage in the seams and better numbers against the run.

by Diante Lee 6 months ago Los Angeles Chargers

Diante Lee is a freelance writer from San Diego that started with PFF in February of 2020. College football is his focus, but you'll see and hear him giving NFL analysis occasionally. He looks to marry data with film to give readers a 360-degree view of the game.

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