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How scheme helped each starting rookie QB in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season

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Rookies Mac Jones, Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence were each aided by their play callers in Week 1, although some of those schemes appear more stable than others.

by Conor McQuiston 3 days ago

Why Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields will be the best rookie QB in 2021

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Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields should be the NFL's best rookie QB this season, and this PFF data study reveals why.

by Conor McQuiston 7 days ago

Analyzing college football offensive line play with survival curves

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Introducing survival curves to assess offensive line performance in the Power Five and the Group of Five.

by Conor McQuiston 22 days ago

Examining the best college football recruiters in the Power Five

While it's difficult to tell how good a college football coach is at recruiting from the outside looking in, here are college football's best based on 247Sports data.

by Conor McQuiston 26 days ago

Preseason NFL football often tells us nothing about rookie quarterbacks

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While overreactions fly left and right as rookies make their NFL preseason debuts, their performance is usually non-predictive for regular-season success.

by Conor McQuiston 29 days ago

NFL Preseason Week 1 Game Recap: Houston Texans 26, Green Bay Packers 7

The Houston Texans entered preseason Week 1 as three-point underdogs to the Green Bay Packers, but they fought through adversity and walked out of Lambeau with a 26-7 victory.

PFF Data Study: Modern wide receivers have recast run blocking at the position

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Wide receivers who have recently entered the NFL are notably worse at run blocking than their counterparts from more than a decade ago.

by Conor McQuiston 1 month ago

PFF Data Study: How conference realignment affects college football recruiting — a Maryland case study

With Texas and Oklahoma sending shockwaves through the college football landscape after the announcement of their intention to move to the SEC from the Big 12, we look at the effect of realignment on a conference's recruiting.

by Conor McQuiston 1 month ago

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