Shadow Coverage Matrix

Shadow coverage doesn't happen in most NFL games, but you don't need to chart every play to see if a cornerback traveled with a specific receiver. We have you covered each week with the Shadow Coverage Matrix.

Below, you'll see the matrix. Teams with an “X” used one or more of their corners to shadow in that particular week. Under the matrix chart, you'll find coverage data for each shadow situation.

Wide receivers are considered if they ran at least five routes as the furthest left outside wide receiver, five as the furthest right outside wide receiver, and 15 outside routes total. A corner is considered to be shadowing them if they lined up across from that receiver on over 50% of their routes from both the left and right. Percentage of routes includes the slot. All receiving stats are on plays the corner lined up against the receiver, regardless of who ended up being the person covering the receiver at the time of the pass.

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