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96 stats -- 3 fantasy football stats for every NFL team for 2019

PFF Fantasy senior analyst Scott Barrett unveils his favorite and most meaningful fantasy football stats for every team entering the 2019 season.

15 days ago

PFF Signature Statistics – a glossary

PFF Editor Cam Mellor gives a quick rundown of PFF's signature statistics and what they're useful for outside of the basic box-score statistics. All signature statistics are available with a PFF ELITE subscription.

15 days ago

Under-the-radar rookies to keep an eye on during the preseason

PFF's Anthony Treash looks at the under-the-radar rookies who could shine in 2019.

16 days ago

PFF takes a look at the 2019 Hall of Fame class

Following the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony, NFL Editor Mark Chichester looks at the 2019 inductees who played within the PFF era.

17 days ago

PFF's Signature Stats Series

This “Signature Stats Spotlight” series will walk readers through the varying advanced stats and metrics we track for every player at every position in every game.

19 days ago

Hall of Fame Game gives us a first look at Broncos' young quarterbacks

For the Broncos, it was not only their first game but their first opportunity to see rookie quarterbacks Drew Lock and Brett Rypien in action.

19 days ago Denver Broncos

Broncos' young pass-rushers shine bright in Hall of Fame Game

NFL Editor Mark Chichester looks at the standout members of the Broncos' defensive line from Thursday's Hall of Fame Game.

19 days ago Denver Broncos

Veterans who could be cut or traded this preseason

Senior Analyst Mike Renner takes a look at some big-name veterans who could get cut or traded before the start of the 2019 NFL season.

20 days ago

PFF ReFocused, NFL Preseason Hall of Fame Game: Denver Broncos 14, Atlanta Falcons 10

The Denver Broncos defeated the Atlanta Falcons Denver Broncos, 14-10, in Thursday's Hall of Fame Game.


Players to watch in the Hall of Fame Game

Thursday night marks the unofficial kickoff to the 2019 NFL season. PFF NFL Editor Mark Chichester walks you through the players to watch in the league's annual exhibition match in Canton.

21 days ago